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Spring produce adds intense flavor to soups

March 5, 2008


This Bisque of English Peas is topped with crab and mint.

This Bisque of English Peas is topped with crab and mint.


An emerald bisque with a texture so luscious you'd never guess it was made without cream. A chunky chowder rich with the earthy flavor of fresh potatoes and the pungent sweetness of green garlic. A shrimp broth enlivened by artichokes and gnocchi perfumed with fresh spring herbs.

During the winter months, cooks work to get flavor - roasting, caramelizing, simmering for hours. Now, with vibrant spring produce in the markets, that same intensity of taste is ours for the asking.

Green garlic slender as scallions, artichokes no bigger than a billiard ball, potatoes with skins so tender you can rub them off. Just add water, indeed.

Spring soups made from these ingredients come together in a flash. They can be made low in calories and even vegetarian without diminishment of flavor. And they allow improvisation. The good news is you can make a spring soup from just about any vegetable.


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