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Take care transplanting new trees, shrubs

March 3, 2008


Young trees and shrubs that need relocating should be transplanted before breaking out of winter dormancy. Dig a root ball that extends to the drip line of the woody plant and take care to preserve as much of the root system as possible. A garden fork will do less damage than a shovel. Trees or large shrubs that have been in the ground for more than two years may be too rooted for the do-it-yourselfer to move. Replant the tree or shrub immediately, and keep it well-watered this spring and summer.


sara casa 10 years, 3 months ago

well anyway if we keep letting ourselves rip then let them grow they will turn green in their trnks then die out the ground will become hardened then grow sap on it... this line is REALLY BAD!!! boys are you better yet? i'm petrified!!!!

sara casa 10 years, 3 months ago

i'd like to say that shrubs create rose bushes... throns!!!!! when you rip them out!!!! put them back. rip them out they will create a insect and amfibian infestation then the ground will become soft and you will start water or desert! They control bugs bugs bugs... glen cove put those in and leave them there. a RECWEM. celebrate... DO NOT REMOVE YOUR SHRUBS! GRASS THAT IS ANOTHER TYPE OF BUSH TREEOR SHRUB... YEAH KILL THE GRASS... water water water!!! antiem antiem... we have a recweem we have a recweem we have a recweem. IN KANSAS. where not in kansas anymore! we will be! if we keep doing this. if we leave the trees there that are living it will become colder warmer try warmer colder... a tundra!!! IM EVOLVED LISEN TO IT AND TEST ME FOR PLEASE DO NOT TAKE All THAT BLOOD TO TEST FOR THE CURE TO THEY TOOK OUT THE OLD EARTH CREATURES. dionsaurs will not evolve. duh not until i'm sparticus happens.

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