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Sebelius campaigns for Obama in Ohio

March 3, 2008


Democratic Kansas Gov. Kathleen Sebelius was in Steubenville, Ohio, on Sunday campaigning for Barack Obama's presidential campaign.

The Ohio native talked about Obama's proposals on Iraq, the economy and health care.

Last week, Sebelius spoke at a union hall in Cincinnati, where she was joined by her father, former Ohio Gov. John Gilligan.

She has campaign appearances scheduled today in both Cincinnati and Columbus.

Ohio's primary is Tuesday.


blahblahblah 10 years ago

Did any of you republicans complain when Brownback wasn't doing his job while he was campaigning for Romney???? Probably not.....

toefungus 10 years ago

What a Gov we have. The state cannot pass a budget and she is running up and down the highway in Ohio. Geeze, Kansas does expect much from the CEO of the state.

Oracle_of_Rhode 10 years ago

The fact is that Hillary was never governor ("queen"?) of Arkansas. Perhaps Sebelius would make a good veep for Obama. But I for one would be sorry to see her go. If that were to happen, I nominate Bremby to replace her as Gov.

notajayhawk 10 years ago

Is this the same governor who just told a state legislator to get back to work?

geniusmannumber1 10 years ago

blah blah blah Sebelius blah blah blah blah Ohio blah blah blah legislator blah blah blah budget blah blah blah something better to do blah blah blah blah

my vote for the most predictable and meaningless comments of the day (of course, I haven't read the abortion thread....)

toefungus 10 years ago

Poor Sebelius. All her love and cuteness just could not bring out enough votes in Ohio for her sweetie Obama. She will have to continue life as a Governor of Kansas. Oh, the horror!

georgeofwesternkansas 10 years ago

They were tied, then Kathy showed up and Berry lost his ass.

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