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Tips help in capturing photographs of animals

June 29, 2008


Ever feel like you've never been able to take a really great photo that captures the spirit of your dog?

Here are some ideas for how to improve pet portraiture from Julie Skarrett, a freelance photographer in Manhattan, N.Y., who took several of the photos in the book. She frequently photographs dogs in her assignments. Here are her tips:

¢ Keeping little dog treats on hand is a good idea for rewards.

lIf the dog is well behaved and the owner is nearby, a posed indoor shot may work. But in most cases, it's best to go outside and chase the dogs around. It makes dogs feel more relaxed.

¢ Make funny noises to capture the dog's attention. (This is what Skarrett did to get the attention of Cujo and Archie, the two dogs of Bryant and Hilary Gumbel on the cover of the book.)

¢ If you are photographing dogs at a wedding (which she says is a trend in New York right now) don't try and force them to march down the aisle. Sometimes they just have to get used to the surroundings before they'll listen to you. You can hope that they'll bound out of the church with the bridesmaids after the ceremony, which makes a fabulous shot.


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