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Kansas Supreme Court: Gambling law is constitutional

June 27, 2008


— The Kansas Supreme Court has ruled that the state's expanded gambling law is constitutional.

Friday's unanimous ruling puts to rest the question about the constitutionality of last year's law that calls for four state-owned and operated resort casinos plus slot machines at racetracks in Kansas City, Kan., and Frontenac.

In February, a Shawnee County District Court had said the law was constitutional.

The Kansas Constitution allows a state-owned and operated lottery. In 1994, the Kansas Supreme Court said that the term "lottery" can include slot machines and other casino games.

At issue was whether what the Legislature calls state-owned and operated casinos really were that. That's because day-to-day operations of the casinos will be left to contractors.


fu7il3 9 years, 11 months ago

"This decision is really unfortunate. The state has no business being in the vice business."What about cigarettes and alcohol? They are taxed by the state. This will provide revenue, and quite frankly, except for gambling addicts, going to the casino is just another form of entertainment for most people. Right now other states are getting that money from Kansas.

domino 9 years, 11 months ago

Let me start by saying I haven't bought a lottery ticket since probably 2 years into the Kansas Lottery and the only time I was ever at a casino was when I attended a conference held at one in Iowa. They gave each conference attendee $10 worth of free tokens and when that was gone, I quit. I am not opposed to gambling - just not my thing. When the prior director was running the lottery, there were some major problems that I feel Mr. VanPetten completely took care of & straightened out. I had the opportunity several years ago of listening to Mr. VanPetten speak and it totally blew my mind how much money the lottery puts back into the Kansas budget! I also think he would put safeguards into place so that the contractors couldn't just run them however they want. Call me crazy, but I trust him and his opinion as well as his ability to make sure it is done correctly. If he doesn't, maybe he will go back to prosecuting the crooks!! I think the fact that Mr. VanPetten was put into his position by our past Republican governor and has continued working thru the current Democratic governor says something for the job he is doing as well as his ability to handle this expansion of the current lottery.

imastinker 9 years, 11 months ago

I think we should allow unrestricted gambling. Tax is all they want, but don't restrict it to the Indian reservations. That's ridiculous.

Gary_Richrath 9 years, 11 months ago

imagine if the state of Kansas owned and operated casinos built and operated by private corporations. Of course, I do not think there would be any bribery of state officials in deciding which company got the right to build their casino. The Kansas City, Kansas + Wyandotte Government is too Unified to let anything like that happen. It is hard to see what could go wrong, so long as the state preserved decision-making and functional control over important aspects of gaming ownership and operation.

Gary_Richrath 9 years, 11 months ago

If there was a way to tax cockfighting it would be legal and at the Legends. Further, I fail to see how cockfighting is more cruel than a concentrated animal feeding operation - at least in the fight the cock has a sporting chance.

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