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Which is it?

Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with Phill Kline’s changing rationales.

June 25, 2008


Let's try to follow the line of reasoning put forth by Johnson County District Attorney Phill Kline this week.

Eight former employees of the district attorney's office announced Monday that they were dropping their lawsuit claiming they were improperly dismissed from their jobs when Kline took over the office in January 2007. A year and a half later, all eight reportedly had found other jobs and were willing to drop the lawsuit in exchange for a statement by Kline that their firings were not a result of any issues with their job performance.

Kline said Monday that, on the recommendation of his "transition team," he had terminated the eight employees - seven assistant DAs and the office's chief investigator - for "various job performance reasons." This statement came forth on the same day as the letters Kline sent, as part of the court settlement, to each of the dismissed employees stating that he had "no criticism of your professional ethics" and "since you did not serve under me in my position as District Attorney, I do not have personal knowledge of your skills and performance."

So which is it? Were there "job performance" issues that justified these firings or not? The letters basically admit that the employees were right, there was no legitimate cause for their firing.

And yet, in true Kline fashion, he spins the decision as a victory for him. "We're happy with this," he said. "This demonstrates that there was no basis in law for them to sue." If that was the case, why didn't Kline simply ask the judge to dismiss the lawsuit rather than agreeing to write the letters?

Kline was chosen by the Johnson County Republican Party to fill the DA's job after former DA Paul Morrison ousted Kline from the Kansas Attorney General's Office. After saying he had no interest in seeking re-election, Kline changed his mind and filed just before the deadline.

Perhaps Johnson County voters aren't concerned with having a top law enforcement officer who can't make up his mind. Kline got to decide, on whatever basis, to fire eight DA's staff members. Now, Johnson County voters get to decide whether to fire Kline.


repaste 9 years, 6 months ago

Hey Seven, you stand outdide clinics?

Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years, 6 months ago

It never ceases to amaze me that this political hack is even still around. He demonstrated his amazing lack of awareness and political myopia during his ill-starred tenure as Kansas Attorney General. He was defeated for re-election and then the People's Republic of Johnson County entrenched this dwerp as their replacement for Mr. Morrison, who had replaced Mr. Kline as the state's attorney-general. His past performances, particular his attempts to masquerade as a man of the cloth, should have given all people a clear insight to his (lack of) character. But still, he remains as a dysfunctional force in the business of deception and disingeniousness.

Sevenhorses 9 years, 6 months ago

The editorial fails to address the context of the events leading up to the lawsuit and as a result is quite misguided. At the time that then Attorney General Kline and then Johnson County District Attorney Paul Morrison switched jobs, each office undertook a process to build a staff which would be capable of working with their new bosses. It is interesting to note that the new Attorney General Paul Morrison actually fired more of Kline's former staff at the A. G.'s office than Kline fired of Morrison's staff at the office of Johnson County District Attorney. Kline's staff changes, which were quite routine, should not have been a public issue. They would have received no more notice if Kline were not in pursuit of criminal charges involving illegal late term abortions on viable infants in Kansas. Kansas for years has run an abortion industry, which violates Kansas law and performs late term abortions on viable infants which are illegal everywhere else in the civilized world. The international reputation of Kansas is that abortions are performed here at an time and for any reason. As a small state, Kansas is particularly susceptible to influence peddling. The Kansas Abortion Industry routinely spends massive sums of money through the use of campaign finance diversions to ensure that Kansas laws regarding late term abortion are never enforced. In addition, the state of Kansas has a provincial press corps, who attempt to outstrip their large market compatriots in their liberal or left leaning zeal. As a result Kline has been lambasted by the Kansas press for any number of liberal sins, which are quite of proportion with reality. This atmosphere of media bias created an opportunity where the dismissed attorneys at Kline's Johnson County office saw the possibility of financial gain through a lawsuit and under the encouragement of their former employer, the chance to gin up public negative sentiment against Kline. That the lawsuit came to an end as it did is no surprise as there was never any basis for the suit in the first place. Kline clearly won as no money was paid to the former staff. If there is any spinning taking place, it is on the part of the dismissed attorneys who incurred the expense of the suit and received nothing in return. In the meantime there is now no doubt that Kline's investigation of the abortion industry had merit. The revelations of Dr. Paul McHugh and documents filed in Planned Parenthood's frivolous suit against prosecutor Kline provide incontrovertible proof of massive illegal late term abortions performed on viable infants in the State of Kansas- which of course is really no news, as only the Kansas press, blinded by their ideological zeal, believed the baloney which the Kansas Abortion Industry put out year after year.

Orwell 9 years, 6 months ago

Sevenhorses:Rationalize and obfuscate all day if you like; Kline's still a bad joke.

bearded_gnome 9 years, 6 months ago

nicely done Sevenhorses!and, not one word disputing your facts. *after he moved to the state AG's office, linda carter, morrison's squeeze, that he tried to use her to gain inside information on the work being done on confidential cases in kline's DA office! yes, Rico Morrison did fire more attys when he took the Ag's post for that very short time.

Jim Phillips 9 years, 6 months ago

Just speculation here, but the names I see blasting Kline are virtually the same ones that blast concealed carry. I wonder if there might be some sort of connection here since (Republican) Kline was one of the major forces behind getting concealed carry passed in Kansas.

Crossfire 9 years, 6 months ago

Kline just acquired a residence from Robert E. Hodgdon, co-owner of Shawnee-based gunpowder company Hodgdon Power in Shawnee. Funny that he did not need to abide by the law that the JoCo DA live in county. But now that he is running and subject to election rules he gets a house under contract (political contribution) Still doubt that he or his family will actually live there. Shamm Scamm Hamm

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