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Inquiry: Ideology-based hiring illegal

June 25, 2008


— Senior Justice Department officials broke civil service laws by rejecting scores of young applicants who had links to Democrats or liberal organizations, according to a biting report issued Tuesday.

The report by the Justice Department inspector general and the Office of Professional Responsibility concluded that a pair of high-ranking political appointees who are no longer with the department had violated department policy and the Civil Service Reform Act by using ideological reasons to scuttle the candidacy of lawyers who applied to the elite honors and summer intern programs.

In one instance, steering committee member Esther Slater McDonald deemed "unacceptable" an applicant who professed admiration for the environmental group Greenaction and passed over another with ties to the Poverty and Race Research Action Council, the report said.

McDonald, who left the Justice Department last year and now works for a law firm in Washington, sent colleagues a Nov. 29, 2006, e-mail in which she complained about "leftist commentary and buzzwords" in applications. Many of the underlying documents, on which McDonald and others wrote comments, were destroyed before the probe began, according to the report.


notajayhawk 10 years ago

And I suppose the next time a Republican president nominates a Supreme Court candidate who's a member of ProLife America or National Right to Life, the Democratic members of the legislature won't hold their ideology against them when making a fair and impartial decision.

denak 10 years ago

It isn't uncommon for an incoming president, or district attorney or whatever, to clean house when he or she takes office. Everyone expects it and getting "fired" after a new person takes office, isn't a career killer. It is politics and it happens every election. It is just the way things work.However, in this case, these were private citizens that were not hired not because they were incompetent but simply because of what they believe in. It is not illegal to believe in the Democratic party. Dena

Frank Smith 10 years ago

The Bush Administration, as Scott McClellan so eloquently put it, created the "permanent campaign." Every agency of the government has been corrupted and manipulated to serve the purpose of the most larcenous corporations. By salting the Justice Department with its ideologues, those destined to become the majority of career employees, Bush has insured that its biased policies will extend for decades, attacking the public interest at public expense.

bd 10 years ago

Who cares!They are all backstabbin Lawyers!

a_flock_of_jayhawks 10 years ago

Great. So, if you don't know the secret handshake, no job for you. Pitiful and a new low.

average 10 years ago

Add malcolm_x_obama to the "didn't read the article" list. These are listed Civil Service positions. The US Attorneys are indeed political appointments. These positions were not.

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