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Tips for teens to land a summer job

June 23, 2008


The job market is tight, but that doesn't mean finding a summer job is impossible. Some tips for teen job seekers, from Covenant House New York and The College Board:

NETWORK: Tell everyone you know - teachers, friends, family members, religious leaders - that you're looking for work.

SHOE LEATHER: Visit retail stores within commuting distance and ask to speak to a store manager. Go at a time when the store won't be crowded, not a busy weekend day. When you meet managers, remember to smile, shake their hands and introduce yourself.

DRESS THE PART: When you're looking for work, dress conservatively. No ripped clothes, short skirts or low-cut tops.

DREAM: Want to be a chef? A lawyer? Call businesses and organizations related to your interest and see if they need any help. If they don't, ask if they have suggestions for you as you search. If there's a place that really fits your interests and isn't hiring, consider an unpaid internship, which could open the door to a paying job later.


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