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Home-swapping site eases real estate blues

June 22, 2008

Advertisement offers homeowners an alternative to buying or renting a new home - swapping it.

The free site provides users a Web portal that connects homeowners wanting to trade their homes, locally or anywhere in the nation.

You can search for homes, contact homeowners directly, and find links to other services. Some options might require hiring real-estate agents or lawyers:

¢ Simultaneous closing: This is what occurs when homebuyers buy and sell a home, but in this case both transactions happen simultaneously.

¢ Swapping as rentals: Homeowners can rent each other's homes or make other arrangements permitted by law, such as lease-to-own agreements. Renting gives you more time to sell your home but allows you to relocate as needed.

¢ Swapping mortgages: Though not common, working directly with a mortgage company to swap mortgages is possible. Given the market conditions, some mortgage companies are flexible. This option requires working closely with your lender.


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