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City of Olathe lays off 21 employees

June 22, 2008


— Olathe told 12 full-time and nine part-time city employees Thursday that they no longer had jobs.

The city was forced to eliminate their positions to meet residents' service demands with fewer resources, city spokesman Tim Danneberg said. He said the move would put the city in a better financial position for 2009.

Employees will be given two weeks of pay for each year they were employed with the city and a 2 percent bonus. He said they also will be paid for unused vacation time and unused sick leave up to 240 hours.

The city already had frozen all vacant positions and reorganized some departments this year -a move that created about $890,000 in annual savings. However, the city projected a $4 million shortfall next year and needed to find more ways to address the gap.

Despite tight budgets this year and in 2009, the city has not proposed raising property taxes.


just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 9 years, 11 months ago

No doubt, this is caused by all those "anti-growth" activists in Olathe.

Richard Heckler 9 years, 11 months ago

Should anyone be forced to live without medical care? No * Should those layed off be expected to live without healthcare? NO!All of the other countries providing healthcare to their citizens have taken jobs away from the USA by the millions. Pakistan and India are receiving white collar USA jobs as we speak. So National Health Insurance makes dollars and sense.Why support the healthcare system that discriminates in many ways?Shouldn't all receive the same medical coverage no matter what? Absolutely! Instead of coverage based on what type of policy one can afford... this stinks.Should employers be forced to pay for medical coverage? NoShould blue and white collar workers who became victims of outsourcing or became victims of Wal-Mart coming to town be forced to live without medical coverage? No soldiers come home to no healthcare for them and their families? NoShould reservists who lost jobs with medicalCare be forced to live without medical care because the president called them to serve in an illegal occupation? NoShould those with jobs yet cannot afford healthcare be forced to live without medical care? No doctors,hospitals,clinics and emergency rooms be forced to absorb the cost of those without medical care yet do? No *These costs are likely being passed on to those to have this fair? NoShould healthCare be equal to a can of spinch on a retail shelf? No way jose'More about HR 676:

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