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County employees to aid in tornado cleanup

June 20, 2008


Four Douglas County public works employees will help with tornado cleanup efforts in Chapman next week.

The state asked for their assistance, after one of the men, Mike Perkins, helped assess the damage in Chapman this week. The June 11 tornado heavily damaged or destroyed 65 buildings or homes, meaning between half to 60 percent of Chapman's buildings were hit. Its schools were heavily damaged.

Jim Goodwin, Jim Atwell and Monte Nieder, all county public works operators, will take two trucks and a loader to the community next week, to cleanup debris left by the tornado. They leave Monday morning.

Perkins, the county's public works operations division manager, also helped out in Greensburg after its tornado last year and he went to Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina.


pace 9 years, 10 months ago

Good job, I am glad the county can be a good neighbor.

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