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School district working on $1.5 million in improvements

Construction includes sidewalks, alarm systems, security cameras

Students may have the summer off, but that doesn't mean Lawrence public schools are empty. Every school in the district is receiving repairs, everything from new flooring to an upgrade in security systems. 6News reporter Lindsey Slater has more on the work that is filling up our local schools.

June 17, 2008


Alarm systems. Security cameras. Sidewalks.

All are part of the Lawrence school district's summer construction.

"Just a lot of stuff. We've got carpet. We've got flooring," said Tom Bracciano, division director of facilities and operations. "We've got actually something going on in every school."

Bracciano says that this summer's workload is lighter than in past years.

"The past couple years we've had the bond issue going," he said. "This year we're not moving any portables. We actually got rid of, I think, 28 of them from the last construction we did on the secondary schools, so that really saves us a lot of time in the summer."

Instead of overseeing major construction, this summer's focus is on the field.

"It's a little quieter, although these outdoor athletic fields are eating up a little bit of time," Bracciano said.

They have $1.5 million wrapped up in improvements at all the schools in the district to finish by the start of the school year. The money comes from the capital outlay fund and doesn't take from the left over bond money.

"We developed a list last fall to give to the board of education so they've approved that," Bracciano said. "The $2.5 million is left over money from the bond issue. That can only be used in secondary schools."

Not all the activity will be inside the schools.

"We've scheduled to do the entrance at Cordley (Elementary School) off of Vermont Street," he said. "Southwest (Junior High) is getting a new vestibule in there. It's an entrance control structure."

And administrators say the work will be done in time for the new school year.

"Basically, all 16 elementary schools, 4 junior highs and 2 high schools will have construction going on," he said. "It will be done by the end of the summer though, ready for school."


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