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Unlicensed chiropractor suspected of killing

June 15, 2008


— A 76-year-old man operating an unlicensed chiropractic clinic out of his Oak Park, Calif., garage is suspected of killing one of his patients with a neck manipulation, according to Sacramento, Calif., police.

Antonio Arellano whose only training was a massage class he took in the 1940s was booked into the Sacramento County jail early Friday on suspicion of murder, authorities said.

According to police, Jose Lopez, 64, and his wife went to Arellano's home on Washington Avenue on Tuesday. Lopez went to see Arellano for help with pain in his extremities, police said.

During the treatment, Arellano adjusted the victim's neck, seriously injuring the man, police said.

Lopez was unconscious as he was brought out of the home and placed in a car, said police Sgt. Matt Young.

Lopez was taken to University of California at Davis Medical Center and placed on life support. Two days later, he was declared brain dead.


hoh20 9 years, 4 months ago

How can the paper even print "chiropractor" if the man accused wasn't even a chiropractor in the first place?(he wasn't even trained as a massage therapist)

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