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Some stimulus payments intercepted

State collects $1.2 million in owed taxes

June 12, 2008


— Some Kansans' federal stimulus checks are stimulating state tax collections to the tune of $1.2 million.

More than 2,300 checks written to Kansas taxpayers as part of the economic stimulus plan are being intercepted to pay back taxes, Kansas Department of Revenue officials said Wednesday.

"If they owed past-due monies to the state, then before they could receive that from the stimulus package, we were able to take all or part of their money," said Revenue Department spokeswoman Freda Warfield.

Neighboring Missouri has reported collecting nearly $3 million in owed state taxes from the federal checks, while Georgia collected $4.66 million.

Under the federal plan designed to boost the economy, qualifying taxpayers received checks of up to $600 per individual, up to $1,200 for a married couple, and $300 rebates per child.

Nationally, the government has sent $842 million in economic stimulus payments back to the states for past debts, according to reports. That represents about 1.5 percent of the $57 billion that has been distributed.


staff04 9 years ago

They also are taking them to pay for owed child support.

Confrontation 9 years ago

"Taxation with representation ain't so hot either." - Gerald Barzan, humorist

dirkleisure 9 years ago

This same process is in place for any federal tax return you may be due from your annual filing and also for any state tax return you may be due.These rebate checks are a function of the IRS, and as such debts to either the IRS or the state tax authority are going to be collected.But yes, it is totally unfair. Tax cheats should be praised, not punished. We should all be able to both refuse to pay our taxes AND receive rebate checks from the IRS.

Victoria 9 years ago

Well, looks like the only thing getting "stimulated" by those checks are the state coffers. The people who couldn't afford to pay taxes will now be unable to afford paying for gas to drive to work, feed their kids, or pay their electric bill this summer.

mom_of_three 9 years ago

I read somewhere that people will get notification two weeks after the fact that their check was absconded for taxes.

georgeofwesternkansas 9 years ago

Thanks Kathy, you really know how to treat the middle class!!

maxcrabb 9 years ago

This explains where that missing $15 went... I hope.

j40boy22 9 years ago

stupid state lagging the stimulus around wtf

insightful 9 years ago

People shouldn't be relying on government stimulus checks to feed their children. Don't have children you can't afford.

Jaylee 9 years ago

this is the biggest government sham!!! what in the hell is this all about and how did this happen?!our government is way askew and i cannot believe that the government basically fashioned money from nothing and put on a smile to act like they were trying to help people and help stimulate anything other than their own elated pocketbooks and egos. decieving, snaky, slithering, politically animated and (thus?) unsound government pulls one over on self-obsessed, uber-dependent, politically numb citizens again.

Ray Miller 9 years ago

"Thats cool. Although those who are behind in child support should be in jail, not free to work."----------------------------------------------------------------------------Yes, they'll make lots of money in jail, that the could then pass to their kid. What a great idea! (Ouch, I think I pulled a tendon rolling my eyes too hard.)

georgeofwesternkansas 9 years ago

"staff04 (Anonymous) says: They also are taking them to pay for owed child support."Thats cool. Although those who are behind in child support should be in jail, not free to work.

Uhlrick_Hetfield_III 9 years ago

So much for due process. Is there some aspect of our Constitutional rights that hasn't been crapped on?

georgeofwesternkansas 9 years ago

Does the state notify the taxpayer they have lifted the money??

justme2 9 years ago

So insightful...what a well thought out comment (sarcasm).

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