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Rising waters threaten Cedar Falls

June 11, 2008


— Rising rivers wiped out an Iowa railroad bridge Tuesday, flooded Illinois farmland and forced residents along the Mississippi River to prepare for what could be the worst flooding in 15 years.

In Cedar Falls, Iowa, officials were readying residents and downtown business owners to evacuate as the Cedar River threatened to spill over a levee. The river was expected to top the levee early today, prompting a mandatory evacuation of downtown, Mayor Jon Crews said.

In nearby Waterloo, fast-moving water swept away a railroad bridge used to transport tractors from a John Deere factory to Cedar Rapids. It also prompted the city to shut its downtown and close five bridges.

Levee breaks Tuesday in southeastern Illinois flooded 50 to 75 square miles of farmland along the Embarras River, forcing the evacuations homes northeast of Lawrenceville, said Lawrence County Sheriff Russell Adams. He said water was up to the roofs of some rural homes.


geniusmannumber1 9 years, 7 months ago

Anybody know the state of the Kaw in this respect? Went to a couple of lakes over the weekend, and the water was higher than I remember seeing. I've noticed it's supposed to rain part of every day until Saturday this week, too.

geniusmannumber1 9 years, 7 months ago

Thanks--I knew this info would be out there somewhere, but I couldn't think where to look.It looks like we don't have automatic readings in Lawrence, as they apparently do in Lecompton:"NOTE: Automated gauge readings are unavailable, readings taken manually.""NOTE: Forecasts for the Kansas River at Lawrence are issued as needed during times of high water, but are not routinely available."

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