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Church rejects sex-abuse database

June 11, 2008


— Under pressure to fight child sex abuse, the Southern Baptist Convention's executive committee said Tuesday that the denomination should not create its own database to help churches identity predators or establish an office to field abuse claims.

The report decried sexual abuse as reprehensible and a sin. But the Southern Baptist principle of local church autonomy means it's up to individual churches - and not the convention - to screen employees and take action against offenders, the committee said.

Opening its two-day annual meeting, the nation's largest Protestant body also elected a new president, Georgia megachurch pastor Johnny Hunt, a theological conservative. He is of American Indian descent, a biographical detail that might help the convention reach out to minorities.

The clergy sexual abuse scandal that struck the U.S. Roman Catholic Church starting in 2002 has also touched the Southern Baptist Convention, although to a much lesser degree. The past two years have seen a few high-profile allegations against Baptist clergy, and a key victims' advocate in the Catholic crisis, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests, began lobbying the Baptists.


bondmen 10 years ago

The Southern Baptists should learn from mistakes the Roman Catholic Church has repeatedly made regarding sexual predators within its ranks. Disclose fully, tag for identification and notify when asked about any person who sexually abuses children and adolescents. Don't let them move on and continue the pattern of abuse; draw the line and stop the devil's work. It is your responsibility!Protect the innocent and protect those dependent on the good judgment of adults, without hesitation. Set an example for the nation - you can do it!

Confrontation 10 years ago

I think the real reason they don't want the database is because it'd be so huge that it'd stall all the computers.

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