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Schools, churches also impacted by concealed carry changes

June 8, 2008


When state legislators made changes in 2007 to Kansas' concealed carry law, it also impacted schools, libraries and churches.

All those locations used to be automatically prohibited places for concealed carry license holders to enter, regardless of whether a no-gun sign was posted. Now, those locations must post no-gun signs if they want to keep concealed carry holders out.

Schools, though, apparently have gotten the message better than bars. Supt. Randy Weseman said Lawrence Public Schools were made aware of the changes by various education groups that follow the Legislature.

"We've got signs posted everywhere," Weseman said.

The Lawrence Public Library also has a no-gun sign posted. Some churches in the city said they had heard of the change and posted signs, others said they had not heard of the new regulations.


bondmen 9 years, 11 months ago

Signs posted with a black Beretta (or some other handgun silhouette) and a red circle with red diagonal line have an intended effect on the law abiding gun owner/carrier but the unintended effect on the illegal gun owner/stealer/carrier such that the final result is the the bad guys are armed and the good guys are unarmed! Aahh, the joys of liberal thinking, reasoning and sign posting - NOT!

repaste 9 years, 11 months ago

Whats your point guys - guns anywhere anytime anyone? Liberal my a** a lotta people( some of who own guns) are unsettled sitting next to the guy with a gun - people kill people, guns make it a hell of a lot easier, accidents are very frequent . Even the rough and tough wild west did not allow guns in most bars - most towns either! We don't need the macho man every where. Enough is enough.

Constitutionalist 9 years, 11 months ago

Yes guns anywhere anytime. If you examine the facts individuals with CCW permits rarely commit any crimes much less if you only consider violent crimes. As far as your assertation that accidents are very frequent: fatal firearms accidents represent about 1.5% of all fatal accidents; please stop with the hyperbole. You may think that it is "macho" to carry a firearm, that is your opinion, macho is not why we choose concealed carry. We're not braggards or macho men displaying our firearms; we quietly go about our business bearing the responsibility that goes with the God given right of self preservation.

MandM 9 years, 11 months ago

Posting the signs doesn't stop the bad guys from coming in a shooting up a place. Look at the church shootings in Colorado, the school shootings at Columbine, Virginia tech and other schools and churchs across the country. The sign stops someone with a CCW permit from having their gun with them.Having a CCW permit is not a macho thing. Why? Because nobody knows I have it. I don't brag about it. I don't tell people about it and I certainly don't show off my gun. It is a "concealed" carry permit.

Constitutionalist 9 years, 11 months ago

The foundation of this issue is the fact that the liberal spirit is inherently cowardly. They are afraid of defending their opinion or their person; to that end they attempt to legislate all offenses to their sensibility. They want to legislate these offenses so that they will not have to defend their position, the government will act as their surrogate. This is why we have gun control; hate crime laws and; McCain Fiengold.

vpete69 9 years, 11 months ago

What the "gunbuster" sign really means: "In this building, you are not allowed to defend yourself or your loved ones from harm." I dont care what your feelings are about my gun. I dont care if it makes you nervous. You dont like my gun, or the guns of the other 13,000 CC licensees, stay at home. There have been 0 (thats ZERO for those who cant count) crimes or accidents involving a CC licensee or their firearm. * When the law went into effect, the Dade County Police began a program to record all arrest and non arrest incidents involving concealed carry licensees. Between September of 1987 and August of 1992, Dade County recorded 4 crimes committed by licensees with firearms. None of these crimes resulted in an injury. The record keeping program was abandoned in 1992 because there were not enough incidents to justify tracking them. 221,443 concealed carry licenses were issued in Florida between October of 1987 and April of 1994. During that time, Florida recorded 18 crimes committed by licensees with firearms. (15) As of 1998, nationwide, there has been 1 recorded incident in which a permit holder shot someone following a traffic accident. The permit holder was not charged, as the grand jury ruled the shooting was in self defense. (7) As of 1998, no permit holder has ever shot a police officer. There have been several cases in which a permit holder has protected an officer's life.As of NOW, in Kansas, no permit holder has been involved in any accidental discharge (no such thing), shooting, or ANY crime against another involving a firearm.

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