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Clinton cracked door to Oval Office

June 7, 2008


Sen. Hillary Clinton did not win enough delegates to capture the Democratic presidential nomination but she is not conceding to Barack Obama. It is a strategy of having it both ways that is familiar to Clinton watchers. Why should she surrender when, as she has said, "anything can happen"? The nomination is not official until the delegates convene at the Democratic National Convention in Denver.

Assuming, though, that this is truly the end of her 2008 campaign, the question now becomes: What about the next female candidate? Will it be easier for her because Sen. Clinton broke new ground? Will that next woman run as a liberal Democrat like Clinton, or a conservative Republican in the mold of Margaret Thatcher? Will she get the same attention as Clinton, or will she be like the second man to walk on the moon?

The media mostly ignored - and so did the public - a detailed analysis of what Clinton promised (everything), what it would cost (plenty), how it would be paid for (higher taxes) and the effect of a precipitous withdrawal from Iraq when substantial progress is now being made (disaster). Gender and the parallel issue of Obama's race trumped substance. Those issues masked a retread liberal Democratic agenda, gift wrapped in new packaging and sold as "change you can believe in."

A major problem for those wishing more conservative women would run for national office is the smaller pool from which to draw candidates. Large numbers of conservative women adhere to the "family values" they preach. Many prefer the company of family members to that of politicians. It isn't that they don't have drive, vision, or care less about their country than liberal women; it is that their fulfillment comes at a different level and they are paid in a different currency.

For liberals, government is the ultimate solution to all problems. For many conservative women, solutions begin with individual decision-making and family.

Is there an experienced, conservative, "traditional values" woman out there who would be willing to put herself through the kind of campaign Hillary Clinton has fought with every eye examining her hair, makeup and piece of clothing (and accessories), rather than the substance of her views? If Hillary Clinton has made superficiality less likely in judging women in future national campaigns she will have made a great contribution. But I doubt it. Media superficiality is bottomless.

What would a female conservative presidential candidate look like? First, she wouldn't wear pantsuits - except when climbing into helicopters. She would wear St. John (note to male readers: look it up; women are impressed I know this). Her husband would be mostly in the background, like Denis Thatcher. Unlike Bill Clinton, who can never leave the stage, this conservative woman's husband would be secure enough in his own skin to allow his wife to promote her beliefs unencumbered by him.

A conservative female candidate would tell stories of empowerment and overcoming personal challenges that begin not in Washington, but in the home. She might recall Barbara Bush's commencement speech at Wellesley College in 1990 in which she said, "Your success as a family ... our success as a society depends not on what happens in the White House, but on what happens inside your house."

Home, not Congress or the White House, is where ultimate power lies. Getting and staying married, being responsible to your children and spouse, these are the American values that built and sustained our nation. No politician can do for an individual and a family what that individual and family won't do for themselves.

A female conservative candidate would not reflect the narcissism that characterizes the male quest for power. She would be tough, like Thatcher, but she would be experienced in disarming egotistical males who would end up (grudgingly) praising her for the experience. Like your mother or grandmother, she would tell us to "stop whining, suck it up and make something out of yourself. Don't wait for opportunity to knock at your door; go out and break down opportunity's door."

Hillary Clinton may not have broken the "glass ceiling" for a female president, but she's put a crack in it. Now if we can get beyond gender to ideas that work, perhaps a conservative will break through that ceiling and become our first female commander in chief.

Cal Thomas is a columnist for Tribune Media Services.


bearded_gnome 9 years, 9 months ago

For liberals, government is the ultimate solution to all problems. For many conservative women, solutions begin with individual decision-making and family.nicely summarized Cal! good job. Condi for president! yeah. also good summary of what a sHrillary presidency would have meant. She would have been a stronger candidate in the general election than Barry h. O'bama though. she won majority of cotes in democrat primary. thought dems used to make a big deal outa that! they say the 2000 election was stolen, algore got the majority of votes, etc., I expect to never hear that line of whining from the democrats again now that they've deep-sixed Hilary's campaign. Barry H. O'bama: questionable associations keep coming to light, showing he was weak character and lack of moral strength. His: pastor full of bigotry and hate for 20 years, and he had his little daughters under this teaching!; his church preaching black liberation theology=marxism="kill the white oppressor;" his wife not proud of america for most of her adult life; his unrepentant domestic terrorist bomber buddy who said he thought they didn't do enough, after bombing nypd hq and the pentagon; his catholic priest who is on his committee of spiritual advisors who spent a lot of time making Hilary out to be a white suprecist, and who embraces Farrakhan (figuratively and literally). barry h. o'bama thinks we have our faiths here in middle america only because we are bitter. he thinks we own guns only because we are bitter. he want to raise taxes as we are close to a recession, the exact opposite of what is needed, demonstrating complete ignorance on economics! Barry h. O'bama, once said he was irish, though he attended a black separatist church. if a white politician had attended a white separatist church, that guy/gal would be tarred and feathered in seconds. double standard lets O'bama get by. his church has allied with Hamas, palestinian terrorist group sworn to destroy israel. hamas has* endorsed O'bama. O'bama says he will talk to the leadership of iran. yet, iran operates hamas and hezbollah. iran is a sponsor of terror; barry h. o'bama voted against the resolution in the senate (which did pass) that declared that part of the iranian military was actively supporting terrorism and providing support to those killing our troops in iraq! barry h. o'bama, weak, poor character, callow, inexperienced, misguided, too many questionable people around him for too long.

Robert Marble 9 years, 9 months ago

A few more stories like this & mobs will start forming in the streets chanting "Repeal the 19th Amendment Now!!"

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