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A business gem

It’s hard to think of a better long-term local business citizen than Hallmark Cards.

June 7, 2008


News this week that Hallmark Cards Inc., would be transferring more work to its plant in Lawrence was a reminder of what a wonderful contribution that firm has made to the local business landscape.

The Lawrence Hallmark plant was founded in 1958, and in the last 50 years it has been one of the city's premier employers and corporate citizens. During that time it has expanded several times and taken on additional work as Hallmark consolidated its efforts and closed plants in other areas. Lawrence should be proud of the fact that the local plant continues to perform at a level that keeps it in operation when Hallmark is finding it necessary to consolidate in other areas.

The local plant manufactures ribbons, bows, stickers and greeting cards, including Hallmark's popular Shoebox line. Over the years it often has manufactured the Christmas card sent out by U.S. presidents.

In additional to the business benefit Hallmark brings to Lawrence, the company and its employers also have been leaders in charitable giving that benefits many local nonprofit organizations. Hallmark is a consistent generous giver to United Way of Douglas County and many other volunteer efforts.

Lawrence and Douglas County need to aggressively seek new businesses and jobs for this area, but it's also good once in a while to stop and appreciate a long-time business gem. Hallmark Cards certainly fits that description.


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