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New economic planner introduced

June 5, 2008


The city has tapped a former analyst with the Federal Reserve to serve as its first economic development coordinator and planner.

Roger Zalneraitis was introduced by City Manager David Corliss late Wednesday afternoon. The new position will analyze financial proposals by developers, will aide the commission in determining whether particular pieces of property are suitable for industrial development, and will study economic trends and issues for the community.

Corliss said the new position will not assume any of the economic development marketing responsibilities currently done by the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce.

Zalneraitis previously worked for the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City, Mo., and also has served as a private sector business consultant in the areas of energy and economic development.

Zalneraitis begins work with the city immediately.


repaste 9 years, 10 months ago

I R.Z. a developer yes man hired during a time budget of freezes and cuts, or a real income producing tool? How much does he earn? What are his Lwarence connections? Might be real, but smells like a schill............Anyone know anything on this man/

Sigmund 9 years, 10 months ago

offtotheright (Anonymous) says: "Seems quite strange that the city managers office keeps hiring people when there is supposedly a budget crunch."This is a critical appointment as it allows the Commission and Corliss to blame someone else for their future failures. Although working for the Federal Reserve Board in KC is impressive, he is little more than an private sector consultant. Consultants are know for grandiose impractical solutions who then never have to hang around and see how well reality matches their Powerpoint deck ala "Placemakers." Ask H&R Block or Sprint/Nextel how well their consultants have worked out.All that said, consulting work is paid by the hour and not based upon success and is a great gig if you can get it. I am willing to be the consultants consultant to provide him political cover just in case things go from bad to worse. Hey as long as you are wasting money by refusing to cut payrolls and reduce expenses like the $2.6 million year afte year for the empTy bus line I might as well get my cut of the pork.

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