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Chamber profiles next president, CEO

June 5, 2008


Board members of the Lawrence Chamber of Commerce know what they want out of their next hired leader, and they've outlined the expectations in writing.

The chamber on Wednesday released a "position profile" - 3,665 words spanning seven pages - for the organization's next president and chief executive officer, a position left open with the resignation of Lavern Squier earlier this year.

Chuck Warner, a retired banker, is filling in on an interim basis.

The profile outlines information about the chamber itself - how it has 1,000 member organizations with 1,500 representatives, and works with a $1.2 million operating budget and an eight-person staff - and includes listings of 41 preferences for knowledge, skills, abilities and desired personal traits.

Challenges and opportunities - from boosting membership to initiating new discussions for securing additional land for development - also are included.

Chamber leaders know they're asking for plenty.

"We have high aspirations for our next leader and for our organization," said Jim Otten, a Lawrence dentist and chairman of the chamber board.


igby 10 years ago

They could pay someone to move to Lawrence from Hollywood. Who would it be?William Shattner, Pee Wee Herman or the Osmonds (Donnie and Marie).No one here could possibly meet their expectations, they need some Icon.

BigPrune 10 years ago

Schmoozer considered a plus.Former fraternity or sorority member, a plus.Glib, a plus

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