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Sound sleep not a difficult thing

June 4, 2008


Having trouble getting to sleep? Here are some sleep experts' tips for getting a good night's rest:

¢ Stick to a schedule: Keep regular bedtimes and wake times, even on the weekends. This will help train your body when to fall asleep.

¢ Keep your bedroom cool, dark and quiet. Eliminate distractions such as TV, computers and ticking clocks.

¢ Avoid trying to sleep. The harder you try, the more awake - and anxious - you'll become.

¢ Hide the clocks in your bedroom to avoid checking the time obsessively in the middle of the night.

¢ Don't eat or drink too much before bedtime. Avoid alcohol because it may initially make you feel sleepy, but it can cause frequent wakings and restless sleep.

¢ Take time to relax before bedtime. A warm bath, snack or massage from a partner may help prepare you for sleep.

¢ Make sure your mattress is giving you the right support and comfort you need. Many mattresses become saggy after 5-7 years.

¢ Don't spend too much time in bed. If you aren't sleeping, get out of bed. You can't force yourself to sleep by lying in bed.

¢ Use sleeping pills only as a last resort, and check with a doctor before taking any sleep medications.


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