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No charges to be filed in Taser death

June 4, 2008


The Shawnee County District Attorney's office won't file charges in connection with the death of Walter Edward Haake Jr., who was stunned three times by a Taser and handcuffed by authorities after declining medical treatment.

Shawnee County District Attorney Robert Hecht issued a report Tuesday saying he found no evidence that any of those involved acted recklessly in the incident.

Haake, 59, was an employee at the Goodyear Tire and Rubber Co. plant in Topeka. After work on March 29, the sheriff's office was called to try to stop Haake from driving away because he had been acting disoriented, possibly from a head injury, officials said.

But Haake refused to leave his vehicle, so officers took his keys away and then stunned him with a Taser, authorities said.

When he got out of his car, there was "a brief physical confrontation" and Haake was handcuffed, according to authorities. He then collapsed and was taken to a local hospital, where he was pronounced dead.

The Shawnee County Coroner's Office had earlier ruled the death accidental. Haake had a history of heart disease and diabetes, Coroner Erik Mitchell said. "Mr. Haake died while held face down on the ground and as handcuffs were applied," Mitchell said. "The cause of death is of cardiac nature with contribution by compression of the torso."


yellowhouse 9 years, 4 months ago

Not surprising! courts Injustice Look up and see with tearful eyeThe courts injustice still shall standAnd know each chance has passed us byLike sand slips through the hand!

kansasredlegs 9 years, 4 months ago

"The cause of death is of cardiac nature with contribution by compression of the torso."Had Mr. Haake caused the death of one of the officers by "compression of the torso", Mr. Hecht would have filed Captial Murder charges against Mr. Haake.Basically, Mr. Hecht and Dr. Mitchell are indicating that Mr. Haake "invited" the compression by his conduct which excuses the "compression death."Just like O.J., we'll just have to wait and see what a civil jury determines. My guess is that the insurance company insuring Shawnee County will settle this matter without a trial. The insurance lawyers will do their due diligence make a nice fee and then recommend to SN CO that it settle so a runaway jury cannot stick it to them, i.e. $250K wrongful death cap plus all the future economic (unlimited) damages, no cap. Since Mr. Haake worked at Goodyear, probably had a nice salary, retirement, etc.SN CO - get out the checkbook!Lawrence City Commission - Get rid of the tasers in our City before "our" self-insured a**es, i.e. taxpayers, have to break out the checkbook here.

yellowhouse 9 years, 4 months ago

Yellow house will never quit! We will continue to demand justice and accountability for what has been done to us!Over 100 people have been to the blog site just today according to the counter. So somebody cares! Speak for yourself Coach_Eric!

Jaylee 9 years, 4 months ago

well put logicsound!!!!!could not agree more. sometimes there is no sense to be had when the law acts without regard for anything other than their ability to maintain power and control.

Eric Neuteboom 9 years, 4 months ago

Give it a rest, yellowhouse. Nobody - NOBODY! - cares about you, your "case," your filthy store or your reckless ramblings. Please, I beg you, just stop talking!!!

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