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Bar wins approval for patio beverages

June 4, 2008


A neighborhood bar won approval to allow its patrons to take alcoholic beverages onto an outdoor patio.

On a 4-1 vote, commissioners changed the conditions of a site plan for Louise's West, 1307 W. Seventh Street. Commissioner Boog Highberger voted against the request. He feared it would lead to noise concerns for the adjacent neighborhood.


jafs 10 years ago

We'll see what the neighbors think.We all have a right to the "quiet enjoyment" of our homes - when businesses or individuals act in such a way as to violate that, they are violating the law and the noise ordinance.

SettingTheRecordStraight 10 years ago

Capitalism and personal freedom win a small victory over government control!

CarterFaucheaux 10 years ago

so jafs is the guy who always calls the cops when people are having a good time?

twaldaisy 10 years ago

That bar has been in that location for 30 years or more. If you don't want to live by a bar then don't move in that neighborhood. I grew up over there and do not recall any problems.

hockmano 10 years ago

That's BS! There are children in this neighborhood you know! Did they think of that? Then again, they probably don't care!I feel sorry for the people who live closer to that dump than I do.They are going to have serious complaints!Just another reason for me to move!

jafs 10 years ago

Living near a bar is one thing.Living near a bar that routinely disrupts one's sleep and well-being would be another.I am always amazed at how many people seem to think it is their right to act in ways which blatantly infringe on others' rights.Finally, how/why is "having a good time" synonymous with making so much noise that I can't sit in my living room and enjoy some peace and quiet, or the music I'd like to hear?

jafs 10 years ago

Also, some people don't have as many choices about where they live due to financial constraints.

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