Safe guidelines for park rides has these safety tips for parents taking their children on amusement park rides:

¢ Be a cautious consumer. Use the same judgment when picking rides as you would selecting toys or food for your children.

¢ Watch the ride before boarding. Read the warning signs out loud, explain to children the motion and how the ride works.

¢ Obey height, age, weight and health restrictions.

¢ Don’t put children on rides they are scared of. Some injuries are a result of children getting off while the riding is moving because they are frightened.

¢ Follow any special instructions about seating order or loading.

¢ Always use the safety equipment provided, but be aware of its limitations. If a lap bar doesn’t fit closely, a fast-moving ride can cause a child to slip completely out from underneath the bar.

¢ Watch all extremities. Excited children may stick hands, arms, feet or heads out the sides of amusement rides. Load children to the inside, away from open doorways, or on the side closest to the ride operator.

¢ Teach small children what to do if they get separated from you. Chose a landmark or point out a ride attendant.

¢ Trust your gut and don’t abdicate your parental responsibility to any business.

¢ Remember that amusement rides aren’t really magic. You’re loading very young children onto heavy machinery and exposing them to water hazards at water parks.