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Lawrence man charged with sex crimes against child

July 30, 2008, 2:51 p.m. Updated July 30, 2008, 5:52 p.m.


A 29-year-old Lawrence man has been charged in Douglas County District Court on three felony sex charges involving a 6-year-old.

Prosecutors said the man engaged in sodomy with the child and lewd fondling or touching. The man is charged with two counts of aggravated indecent liberties with a child and one count of aggravated criminal sodomy for incidents that allegedly occurred between June 2007 and October 2007 in Douglas County. The child would have been 5 or 6 years old at the time.

The suspect's bond was set at $30,000 during his first appearance Wednesday afternoon. He was ordered to have no contact with the victim or any children under the age of 16, a spokeswoman for District Attorney Charles Branson said. The suspect's next court appearance was scheduled for Aug. 12.

The Journal-World generally does not name suspects in sex crimes unless they are convicted.


acg 9 years ago

If he's found to be guilty, he should be hanged by the neck until dead.

gobbluth 9 years ago

wow. disgusting. strong tree limb, strong rope.

blackhawkx 9 years ago

How about just a tattoo on the forehead reading child molester and let him go? Guaranteed he will suffer an experience worse than death.

kusp8 9 years ago

Let him live in prison for a year, and then hang the freak.

hail2oldku 9 years ago

I'd almost prefer he be sent to prison, with CHILD MOLESTER tattooed on his forehead.

Dixie Jones 9 years ago

all they would have to do is name him , he would never get to make it to prison.

bigdave 9 years ago

I have the rope or the .22LR and a good strong branch in a tree on a main street in Lawrence so all can see what happens to sick perverts like him!!!!!!

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 9 years ago

OK... you're ALL dressed up like Hannibal on Christmas morning.Doesn't it spoil your figgy pudding... just a little?Remove this individual from society. Period.There is no act which can be perpetrated against this individual which can undo the 6-year-old's experiences-or which will leave the perpetrator unscathed.

Thats_messed_up 9 years ago

max1 you're an idiot and you obviously don't have children, thankfully I only read a couple lines of your crap. I'll have to get the name of the accused from a real paper. LJW's policy is so chickenshlt.

jaywalker 9 years ago

acg,Close. From the scrotum 'til death. I like poetic justice.duplenty,That's two posts in a row I completely agree with you.Unfortunately the Supreme Court just voted that down, stating that taking a life when a life hasn't been taken is too harsh. Personally, scarring a child like that for life is just as bad as taking their life. And since there isn't supposed to be any treatment for such behavior, well,... take him out.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years ago

"The Journal-World generally does not name suspects in sex crimes unless they are convicted"Any of you vigilantes give any thought to the possibility that this person might be innocent? People lie and misrepresent facts to cover up their own involvement There has been no trial and conviction. You might put up your rope and shotguns until all the facts are known.

rcr 9 years ago

Why doesn't the LJW have the balls to name this person.Anybody out there know who the creep is? If so, let us know.

cds 9 years ago

Come on you guys, I'm all for hangin the guy by the balls as well, but he does need to be found guilty first. Just because you hear something doesn't mean that it's true, that's the courts job to find out befor he's judged guilty or innocent.

christie 9 years ago

He's out on bond ??$30,000 ??? That means he has to come up with a lousy $3,000 ??He should be held WITHOUT BOND until trial.

tangential_reasoners_anonymous 9 years ago

jaywalker: "And since there isn't supposed to be any treatment for such behavior, well,: take him out... ... to the ball game,Take him out with the crowd.Bind up his peanuts and crack that Jack,we don't care if he never gets back,Let us rant, rant, rant ( we're the home team ),If we don't whine it's a shame.For it's one, one, one strike, you're out,At the old ball game."

David Roberts 9 years ago

Anonymous userrcr (Anonymous) says:[question 1] Why doesn't the LJW have the balls to name this person.[question 2] Anybody out there know who the creep is? If so, let us know.rcr, your second question answered your first question. Some statements people make when atrocious crimes are discovered effectively demonstrate how the defendant might never have his day in court (peachesncream, for example, who says: all they would have to do is name him, he would never get to make it to prison). I assume the LJWorld does not want to have anything to do with vigilante justice. Step 1-investigate, Step 2-identify likely offender, Step 3-establish guilt (beyond a reasonable doubt), Step 4-pick your punishment.

jayhawks71 9 years ago

rcr said: "Why doesn't the LJW have the balls to name this person. Anybody out there know who the creep is? If so, let us know."I support the LJW's policy for not naming a person who is presumed innocent until proven guilty in a court of law; this should extend to ALL alleged crimes. Far too often the court of public opinion is willing to convict and then ignore the verdict when it contradicts the mindset of some people. It is far too easy with someone with a beef to point the finger to get someone in trouble. Let the court do its job.

David Roberts 9 years ago

messed up,How does Max1's story make him/her an idiot?Simply put, it appears that a tragic and horrific crime has been perpetrated on a child. However, we must not rush to judgment, no matter how incensed we are at whoever is guilty of this crime. We live under a justice system that works pretty well. Not perfect, but the best we've found so far. Let's let it work.

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