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T. Boone Pickens bringing energy plan to Kansas

July 25, 2008


— Billionaire oilman T. Boone Pickens will bring his new energy plan to Kansas on Wednesday with a town hall meeting in Topeka.

Pickens is scheduled to have the meeting at Kansas Expocentre. It's free and open to the public, but only 400 people will be allowed in.

Doors will open at 2:30 p.m., and the event is expected to run from 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.

Recently, Pickens has swamped the Internet and television commercials with his proposal to eliminate U.S. dependence on foreign oil by substituting wind-generated electricity for natural gas-generated electricity and then using the natural gas to replace gasoline for vehicles.


Robert bickers 9 years, 10 months ago

Pickens single-handedly drove the West Texas economy to the breaking point in the mid-80s with his ideas. Keep him the hell out of Kansas.Not a decent guy by any stretch.

Rationalanimal 9 years, 10 months ago

Another billionare hoping to cash in big with taxpayer subsidies. The man says he has a plan in a Texas drawl and Sebellius is dumb enough to hand the treasury over to him to "save the earth." Hells bells, we may as well give Walker TR Pickens subsidies to put wind turbines on the moon to harvest all that space wind. Dummkopfs.

LogicMan 9 years, 10 months ago

T. is likely a decent guy, but unfortunately using CNG to power most vehicles is an option of last resort. CNG is quite dangerous to transfer, and then you're lugging around heavy tanks of highly compressed explosive gases. And your mileage stinks, so you need to refuel often.So yes, wind and nuclear electrical generation capacity need to be increased dramatically, and fast, but the displaced natural gas would best be used for intracity buses and other short haul vehicles that are built like tanks and can be refueled centrally by trained folk. Also for heating our homes and making petrochemicals like fertilizers.And then the savings in diesel from the CNG buses, etc. could be used to fuel more small diesel cars, like they have done in Europe for a long time.

Keith 9 years, 10 months ago

He talks of replacing imported oil with natural gas. Surely he knows we import that too? If importing oil is so bad, why are we still exporting it?

phoenixforce 9 years, 10 months ago

You failed to get Bill Self by throwing money at him. What makes you think this is going to work?Wind energy only makes up 0.3% of our energy. 85% comes from fossil fuels. If you try to force everyone to renewable energy, how many people are you leaving in the dark?

Lawrence74 9 years, 10 months ago

It's worth noting that Pickens accurately predicted the oil peak in the U.S. I think it'll at least be worth the time (and maybe even the gas money) to hear him explain his approach to a new energy policy.

Kent Fisher 9 years, 10 months ago

Phoenixforce,He didn't fail to get Bill Self...yet. Give him another attempt in a couple of years. LOL

Dialogue 9 years, 10 months ago

I remember Mr Pickens very well and our lunch-time conversations. I hope to have the chance to ask him a question, or two, when he is in Topeka. Does any poster have advice/tips on how to up the odds of getting in? If so, please help. Thanks.

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