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Coffers swell in Kansas House races

July 25, 2008


— Republican Jim Ryun continues to spend huge amounts of cash almost as fast as it comes in as he campaigns to recapture Kansas' 2nd Congressional District seat.

Ryun, who represented the district for 10 years before voters turned him out in 2006, hauled in about $447,000 and spent $683,000 over the latest quarter.

His opponent in the Aug. 5 GOP primary, State Treasurer Lynn Jenkins, reported raising $134,000 and spending $131,000 over the same period from April to mid-July.

The winner will face incumbent Democratic Rep. Nancy Boyda in November's general election.

Ryun, of Lawrence, has already spent more than $1.5 million in the campaign, compared to about $266,000 spent by Jenkins.

The numbers were released in the latest campaign finance reports filed Thursday with the Federal Election Commission.

In the state's 3rd Congressional District, meanwhile, Republican Nick Jordan took in more campaign cash than incumbent Democratic Rep. Dennis Moore over the latest reporting period.

Jordan, a state senator from Johnson County since 1995, is widely expected to win the GOP primary over retired real estate agent Paul Showen in the suburban Kansas City district.

It's the first time that Jordan has outraised Moore in a given reporting period. Jordan took in more than $480,000 and Moore about $336,000.

But Moore, seeking a sixth term in the Republican-leaning district, leads in cash on hand with more than $1.1 million to Jordan's roughly $616,000.

Jordan's fundraising got a boost during the latest reporting period when President Bush appeared as the guest of honor at a private event on his behalf.

Jordan's campaign spokesman, Dustin Olson, said the candidate's total haul puts him in the top tier of fundraisers among GOP House challengers across the country.

"It gives us the option to do what we need to do to win, that's for sure," Olson said.

Moore said his lead in cash on hand "demonstrates confidence in the moderate, commonsense message I work to bring to Congress."

Despite being outraised by Ryun in the 2nd District in the latest period, Jenkins reported more than twice as much cash on hand - $489,000 for her to about $222,000 for him.

"Once again, we have more money on hand than Jim Ryun and more than enough to win this primary," Jenkins spokesman Josh Hersh said.

Ryun campaign spokesman Kyle Robertson said Ryun has already used much of his cash to buy expensive TV advertising beyond the FEC filing deadline.

Robertson said Ryun's message of "lower taxes, opposition to amnesty for illegal immigrants and putting an end to wasteful spending is resonating across the state."

"We're focused on turning out our voters and making sure they get to the polls on Aug. 5," Robertson said.

Boyda took in about $243,000 during the latest filing period and reported $891,000 cash on hand for the general election. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee recently pledged to set aside $1.2 million to spend on the race, but Boyda has she doesn't want or need the help.


marcdeveraux 9 years, 2 months ago

Interesting that people will still support these right wing clones of g. bush. The economy is nearing depression levels after 8 yrs of bush, and these morons still want a bushie in d. c., go figure.

jayhawk1977 9 years, 2 months ago

So, let me get this right...the guy who promises to "end wasteful spending" just blew through 1.5 million and still has less cash on hand than his opponent? Awesome.

Don Whiteley 7 years, 5 months ago

I'm no fan of Bush, but let's get the story straight. The recession was largely caused by the crash of our Financial Institutions because they were giving low interest loans to people who couldn't afford them. That wasn't a Republican idea. Democrats had been pushing for low interest home loans for lower income families for more than 20 years. Just because they weren't in the Presidency, have no doubt we need to hold Democratsequally to blame for what happened to our economy. And if you think we're in debt now, just wait until we start paying for national health insurance. Even Democrats estimate a trillion dollars a year of additional debt; realists project more like 3-4 trillion... PER YEAR!

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