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July 19, 2008


In 1958, Eudora Boy Scout Troop 64 celebrated its first Scout who obtained the Eagle Scout rank, Scouting's highest honor. That year three Eudora Scouts, Phillip Everley, Emmett Wright and Michael Lenahan, earned the Eagle rank. This year, all Troop 64 Eagle Scouts, including past and present troop leaders and their families, have been invited to a reunion and luncheon on July 26 at the Eudora United Methodist Church. The date was selected to honor our Scouting, visit with friends and family, and to attend Eudora's annual CPA picnic. Coordinators for the event are Jim Guy and John Scott.


Lawrence Boy Scout Troop 52, chartered to Lawrence First United Methodist Church, attended Boy Scout Bartle Summer Camp 2008. The 10-day camp was from June 26 to July 5 at the H. Roe Bartle Scout Reservation in Osceola, Mo. Seventeen scouts from Troop 52 attended the camp and earned a total of 120 merit badges. Scouts who attended: Elias Schneck, Robert Newman, Dakota Zinn, Thomas Peterson, Mason Davis, Cory Church, Gavin Spence, Andy Dominquez, Colin Dietz, Nathaniel Weeks, Garrett Weeks, Darren Rawlings, Caelan Gollege, Drew Sheppard, Matt Dominquez, Vail Moshiri, and Stefan Kuczera. Adults who attended for the entire camp: Kent Peterson, Rod Zinn, Marlon Schneck, Chris Golledge and Jase Newman. Adults who attended part-time: Herb Tuttle, Glen Sharp, Rawley Tedlock and Bruce Wagner. While at camp, nine scouts advanced in rank: Elias Schneck, Tenderfoot; Nathaniel Weeks, Tenderfoot; Andy Dominquez, Tenderfoot; Robert Newman, Tenderfoot; Cory Church, Star; Dakota Zinn, Star; Darren Rawlings, Star; Caelan Golledge, Star; Stefan Kuczera, Life /Foxman. Scoutmaster Chris Golledge earned the BSA Lifeguard.


Rich Bailey was recently elevated to the position of Sachem in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say, an honor camping organization, in ceremonies at the Heart of America Council's Bartle Scout Reservation during the week of July 7. Bailey is an assistant advancement chairman for Pelathe District and is an assistant Scoutmaster with Troop 59, chartered to First Presbyterian Church. He was a Cub leader with Pack 3072 at Quail Run School and is an Eagle Scout. As a Sachem, Bailey becomes a member of the Tribal Council that directs the Mic-O-Say program, with responsibilities for induction and training of new members.


Members of Venturing Crew 2052 will attend the 2008 International Jamboree Aug. 2-9 in Dublin, Ireland. They will learn leadership and outdoor skills and will work with scouts from around the world. The girls will be one of two Venturing Crews from the United States.

The crew has been raising funds for the trip by sewing and selling tote bags, working at a fireworks stand, having garage sales, canvassing local merchants and organizations, and making personal contacts with friends and family. Crew members participating include Kelsey Taylor, Casey Hutchins, Grace Clark, Carmel Sivron, Kathy Lewis, all from Lawrence, Becky Miller, Bonner Springs, and JoAnna Male, Eudora. Adults participating are Audrey Taylor, Lawrence, and Barbara Pressgrove, Baldwin City.


kcwarpony 9 years, 10 months ago

"...elevated to the position of Sachem in the Tribe of Mic-O-Say...""...ceremonies at the Heart of America Council's Bartle Scout Reservation...""...a member of the Tribal Council that directs the Mic-O-Say program..."Oops, slipped up there didn't they, I would have thought that would have been "tribe" instead of "program". Haven't you all tried of playing Indian yet? Really, what next? Asking for federal recognition?

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