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Old Home Town - 100 years ago

July 19, 2008


From the Lawrence Daily World for July 19, 1908: "The new ice plant to be located in a portion of the old wire mill is due to help manufacture at least 70 tons of ice a day, allowing Lawrence to supply the demand for ice in many surrounding towns. Various ice operations will be staged so that if there are any mechanical problems, others can pick up the slack. The new plant can turn out 40 tons of ice per day and there will be a large refrigerating room for cold storage and a sufficient capacity for 500 tons of ice. : Myrtle Lang, a negress who was arrested in a disreputable part of Lawrence smoking opium, escaped from jail this morning. She was confined in the women's room. She removed some floor boards and dug out a great pile of dirt until she got down to the ventilator and made it outside. It was quite a feat and no trace of the woman has been found. : The unparalleled prosperity in the lumber business the past few years and the rush to take advantage has caused too many people to overbuild. Panic has hit some lumbermen and there already are signs of lumbermen getting together to restore prices. Meanwhile, local builders say the time is now to build and save money before prices can be adjusted upward."


tangential_reasoners_anonymous 9 years, 8 months ago

Quite the resourceful young, opium smoking negress, eh?

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