Kansas football coach Mark Mangino signs contract extension

Kansas coach Mark Mangino holds aloft an orange as KU athletic director Lew Perkins, right, looks on.

Kansas coach Mark Mangino holds aloft an orange as KU athletic director Lew Perkins, right, looks on.

July 15, 2008


Mangino signs contract extension

Kansas University head football coach Mark Mangino signed a new contract extension today that will keep him on the sidelines for the 'Hawks until 2012. Enlarge video

Turns out, BCS does equal dollar signs for Kansas University football coach Mark Mangino.

Mangino, who led the Jayhawks to a 12-1 record and Orange Bowl victory in 2007, signed a contract extension Tuesday that will pay him $2.3 million a year through 2012 - an increase of $800,000 from his previous deal.

The seventh-year coach is slated to make $229,900 in base salary pay and an additional $1,770,100 per year for "educational, public relations and promotional duties." According to the deal, Mangino also could earn up to $675,000 in performance-based incentives in any given year, as well as a retention payment of $1,500,000 if he remains Kansas' coach through Dec. 31, 2012. The funds used to cover the contract were raised by Kansas Athletics. No tuition dollars or state funds were used.

"I want to thank Chancellor (Robert) Hemenway and (athletic director) Lew (Perkins) for their strong and continued support," Mangino said in a statement. "We all share the same vision for excellence in our football program. I appreciate their support of our mission to keep KU football a nationally ranked and respected program, both on the field and in the classroom."

After going 2-10 in 2002, his first season with the Jayhawks, Mangino has led Kansas to bowl appearances in three of the past five years and, with a 37-36 career record, is the fourth winningest coach in school history.

Before the start of the 2006 season, Mangino signed a five-year contract that would have paid him $1.5 million a year, plus incentives, through 2010.

But 2007 changed all that.

The new deal comes on the heels of what many consider to be the most successful football season in school history. Kansas finished 12-1 (7-1 in the Big 12) and notched its first BCS bowl game victory after beating third-ranked Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. The Jayhawks finished the season ranked No. 7 overall - the highest finish ever by a KU football team in the Associated Press poll.

In the process, Mangino earned national coach of the year honors from multiple outlets, including Sporting News magazine and the AP.

"This is an appropriate reward for someone who has done a terrific job with the Kansas football program," Perkins said. "Chancellor Hemenway and I think it's important that we not only reward Mark for the job he's done, but also give him the support and stability he needs to keep this football program a successful and nationally respected program."

The Kansas football team opens its season Aug. 30 at home against Florida International.

Breaking It Down

Prior contractTerm: Jan. 1, 2006 - Dec. 31, 2010Base salary: $229,900Professional services: $1,280,000Total: $1,509,000

IncentivesNational championship: $200,000BCS Bowl: $100,000New Year's Day Bowl: $75,000Any other bowl game: $50,000Big 12 Championship game victory: $50,000Big 12 Coach of the Year (Big 12 Coaches or AP): $25,000AP Coach of the Year: $50,00040,000 season tickets sold by Sept. 1: $100,000

New contractTerm: 5 years (January 1, 2008 - Dec. 31, 2012)Base salary: $229,900Professional services: $1,770,100Retention payment: $300,000 per year (earned only if coach remains for five years)Total: $2,300,000

IncentivesNational championship: $225,000BCS Bowl: $125,000New Year's Day bowl: $100,000Any other bowl game: $75,000Big 12 Championship game victory: $75,000Big 12 Coach of the Year (Big 12 Coaches or AP): $50,000AP Coach of the Year: $75,00040,000 season tickets sold by Sept. 1: $125,000


tigerforlife 8 years ago

Restaurants and grocery stores in Lawrence rejoice!!!

penguin 8 years ago

Well considering that the majority of his contract undoubtedly comes from KUAC money and not state dollars, this money would not exist absent athletics. This system pays for itself. I think it is only fair that all the athletes and coaches that generate the dollars have it reinvested in salaries and facilities for athletics. Also KU does not have a professor shortage and even with 33 new professors nothing would change. KU is a research institution that calls for professors to focus on even with these new professors they might teach about 1 to 2 more classes per semester best. Also the Deferred Maintenance issue involves state buildings and is not the responsibility of KUAC to fix. However, all new buildings require maintenance plans re the KS BOR. Considering that the problem is roughly 30 Mill per year and the state pays 10 Mill...this is would only be a small step forward.

LooPerkinsucks 8 years ago

No, they need a bigger house so that the forklift that is used has plenty of room to move a "certain person" around. Honey, can you give me a lift to the pantry?F'n ridiculous...this guy stands around and yells at people that are actually doing something physical, and they want to pay him that much $$$!? That's probably just about as much as some of the players are making....

onrywmn 8 years ago

Is that why Coach Mangino's house is for sale? Is he getting a bigger one with his new deal?

Mike Blur 8 years ago

Yeah, anyone that complains about Mangino's salary, we can always scale back and re-hire Terry Allen. Yeah right.

nbnozzy 8 years ago

Folks, with all the Big 12 Northern Division titles and possibly Big 12 championships we'll have in the future, I think we will look back at his contract and say he was paid appropriately compared to someone like Stoops at OU. Mangino is probably the best coach in our league. He's done great things with lesser talent than the bigger schools we've played. 2009 will be a tough season and I am looking forward to seeing the more mature and steady play of Reising and crew.

gccs14r 8 years ago

That salary would pay for 40 humanities professors or put a visible dent in the deferred maintenance of the buildings. Guess which expenditure would improve the education the students receive?

twaldaisy 8 years ago

And all those academics are going to bring in the big bucks to Lawrence. Everyone was howling with MU/KU game being moved to KC, imagine if there were no sports to bring in any extra money. I can imagine what our taxes would be then.

penguin 8 years ago

ha ha ha they do not work 40 hour weeks. The only coach that puts in a 40 hour work week is a fantasy football owner. I am sure that there are actual coaches that do put in very little time, but they are not very good. Even at the high school level most coaches put in at least 40 hours on game/player issues at the higher levels of competition. They have to coach, recruit, deal with the media, deal with alumni, and any number of hundreds of jobs that would probably knock most of us out.

Christine Pennewell Davis 8 years ago

inside story on the house is they wanted more room for when kids and their spouses and grand kid visit.

myarr 8 years ago

They used the word "KANSAS" in the story. Hope KU dosen't come crying with a lawsuit.

kslissa 8 years ago

That comes out to roughly $1,105.77 per hour on a 40 hour work week. Wow!!!

jayhawks71 8 years ago

People, people... he is only making $262 an hour... for every.... single hour... of every single day... of the next 4 years. That's $4.37 a minute! It isn't that in the context of coaching salaries that Mangino doesn't deserve it...I don't blame Mangino for welcoming the raise...paying coaches millions of dollars... to teach people how to play football or basketball, or any other sport is utterly ridiculous. KU could hire 33 professors at an average salary of $70,000 per year to educate THOUSANDS of KU students for what a football coach is getting paid to teach about 60 guys to excel at a game that 56 will not play once they leave KU. And if your argument is that the players are getting a college education, then forego the who sports scholarship facade and give those 60 players (and all the other non-revenue sport athletes) scholarships with the annual $2.3 million. They will then get a better education because they can attend classes and actually spend time learning while not physically exhausted. The label "institution of higher learning" has become an anachronism.

LooPerkinsucks 8 years ago

I figured ol' Marky boy was too busy doing the Red Dog training to work out a contract...

kslissa 8 years ago

How true penguin. He probably works more like 80 hours a week, which would only be a paltry $552.88 an hour.

iLikelawrence 8 years ago

I see it now, a shirt that reads: Our coach makes more money than your coach..but I'm sure that would be a violation of copyright!

dweezil222 8 years ago

All that gravity he generates is sucking more money towards him...

Jay_Z 8 years ago

Penguin is right...Mangino is worth every dollar of his salary. Most of his salary is funded by KU Athletics...NOT tax dollars. I am glad KU is starting to take football seriously, and I can't wait for the season to start!

hometownhawk 8 years ago

jayhawks71, what you fail to realize is that what he makes is far less than what he brings in. Theoretically you could pay all those professors, but those professors wouldn't create nearly the revenue that Mangino and football earn. This move will help the university have more money, whereas your suggestion would put the university in massive debt. If you would step down off your pedestal and think realistically, you might understand. I'm not arguing that what he does is more important or meaningful than academics, but fiscally, there is a reason that he makes a lot of money.

penguin 8 years ago

I will take a big coach any day over a loser (Terry Allen) or a unloyal and no unemployed coach (Glen Mason). I know some on here are not KU fans and that is ok. However, those of you who claim to love KU are far from real fans. The guy is big and the last time I checked it has not prevented him from doing his job and succeeding at it. Oh well, I guess the obviously perfect physical specimens that are posting on this story know best.Way to go Coach!!! You deserve every dollar you get. I can hardly believe how much you have accomplished in your time here. At one time we just prayed for any bowl game, but now we are Orange Bowl champs!!!!

chapdaddy 8 years ago

I'm with the penguin:Mangino>Mason>AllenHands down, who cares how fat he is. He can flat out coach.Allen was too soft, and Mason didn't want to be here and was a horses a$$.Mangino deserves every penny, and if he delivers more bowl titles, keep paying him.

penguin 8 years ago

ya true it is a lot of money, but he is worth every penny. In addition, it seems only fair that he gets to cash in after all the years of being a successful assistant and now a successful head coach.

Mike Blur 8 years ago

Penguin is right, and gccsr14 is incredibly wrong, sadly misinformed and probably downright stupid. Gccrs14, take a moment to review Title IX (accessible on wikipedia) and think about the enormous athletic and academic burden that KUAC shoulders. Title IX has forced Div. 1 athletic programs across the country to generate a continuous, increasing stream of revenue to remain in compliance with the federally mandated Title IX program. Title IX, has, in turn, provided unparalleled opportunities for academic achievement for hundreds and thousands of women the past 35 years. (And, honestly, most of the time nobody cares whether or not they even perform decently on the athletic field of competition!)Many athletic programs across the country have their hand forced by the bylaws of Title IX. For example, Wichita State (a Div 1-level school) dismantled their football program a long time ago instead of facing the intimidating athletic and academic requirements of Title IX. Think before you type tired, trite cliches, gccrs14.

Mangino_saurus 8 years ago

I'm not sure the guy will make it till 2012 in his current health state. Sometimes it looks like he is going to kill over right oin the side of the field. Man, he is a big boy.

jaywalker 8 years ago

This comment was removed by the site staff for violation of the usage agreement.

Catbacker 8 years ago

Hopefully, for KU fans, more money finds its way to the coordinators. It is no accident that success only came when those two very good coordinators were finally in place...and one of them already bailed for U. of Miami. The O. coordinator is the one who really needed to be locked up until 2012.

bluerose 8 years ago

there certainly is a lot of imbalance in this world.view this image:a huge, overfed man making more money in one year than over one hundred "ordinary" staffers ... wasting food in public.i guess i am not impressed.

jayhawks71 8 years ago

Penguin... please don't carefully edit a post to make your point...I said: "KU could hire 33 professors at an average salary of $70,000 per year to educate thousands of KU students for what a football coach is getting paid to teach about 60 guys to excel at a game that 56 will not play once they leave KU."I do not say nor imply that "KU could take Mangino's paycheck and, in turn, hire professors with it." I made a comparison of what that money could buy. I could have said that "McDonald's could hire 99 managers for that money." I chose a university-related employee for comparison. The point, again, is to show how ridiculous salaries of college coaches have become. In no way am I disparaging Mangino. The market pays millions, he absolutely should accept the money, guilt free!Penguin, you don't think that the fruits of research make it into the classroom and therefore into the minds of students?

RKLOG 8 years ago

Next time, don't forget the GRAVY!

George_Braziller 8 years ago

Are you effing kidding me? Unless he has found a cure for cancer or Alzheimer disease no one is worth that much. It's a stupid football game!!!-----------------------------------------------------------------------"a contract amendment Tuesday that will pay him $2.3 million a year through 2012"

BorderRat 8 years ago

The way I figure it, it's about $4600 per Pound.

mmiller 8 years ago

Breakout the Buffets!!!! LOL.

napoleon969 8 years ago

Lew and the chancellor had better hope that they have hitched their team to the right wagon and that last year's success was not a fluke. Get ready to pay more at the ticket window folks.

penguin 8 years ago

Even with the extended quote jayhawks71 it does not indicate an increase in teaching occurs with the hiring of extra profs. My point simply was that hiring these people does not increase their presence in the classroom. It might increase GTA and GRA experience with research, but its applications with undergrads I would imagine are not as great. Regardless the money does not exist without athletics. Also the article clearly states "The funds used to cover the contract were raised by Kansas Athletics. No tuition dollars or state funds were used." I am guessing that the LJWorld will post the contract later and you will be able to see for yourself. So there is no need to worry about tax money going here or ticket prices skyrocketing because of this contract. In fact, season tickets are the same price this year, which is a surprise given last year's success. So KUAC showed again, that if they want to pay for something they have the fund raising ability to accomplish it.

fu7il3 8 years ago

Thank god he got that raise. He's been losing too much weight. Now the man can afford a sandwich.

chapdaddy 8 years ago

Pay him the fat (no pun intended) salary and move on.Mangino deserves it. Would you rather have the dismal Terry Allen days or the Orange Bowl victory, which included victories over:NebraskaOk. StTexas A&MColoradoVirginia Techand KU on national TV nearly every conference game after defeating KSU, another team who manhandled us for the past 15 yrs.KU FB is headed in the right direction. Lew Perkins deserves NONE of this credit, it all goes to Mangino, and partially, Al Bohl, for hiring him and bringing back tailgating.

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

Alright stop it. Enough about his weight. Say something original here. He is dropping weight faster than you can make fun of him. Just wait a year and see what you have left to talk about - oh yes, his SUCCESSES!!!C1, don't undercut my profession! :) We give to athletics AND academics! I know where you live.......

Bone777 8 years ago

Great job coach. You are a game over .500 for your KU career, and that is to be celebrated around here. This next year will be your most challenging. You have pretty much the same players and everyone is going to see you coming. I will be his biggest fan, if he has another great season. For instance, living up to his second in the north expectation.

Rickyonealku 8 years ago

Congrats Coach Mangion and coaching lets go Bowling again this year.....

fu7il3 8 years ago

In a year he'll be skinny and they'll charge boosters 25K a season to use him as a hangglider from the top of of the stadium down to the tailgating.

George_Braziller 8 years ago

I thought that going to a college or university was to receive an education. Oh wait, I forgot. Going to football and basketball games takes priority. Bleah. Makes me want to puke!The Athletic Department may be insulated from the budget of the rest of the University but the fact that they are paying this man an amount like this while raising tuitions is just obscene.

Fred Whitehead Jr. 8 years ago

I am a sports fan as much as anyone, but when you think rationally, if such a thing is possible in regards to something as passionate as a great football win or even greater basketball victory, the thread above about genuinely necessary expenses deferred makes this huge wage to a person who teaches college men, most of whom will NOT be orofessional in sports, to kick, throw, catch and run with a funny looking pointed ball seems to start to be a bit unreasonable. College sports has become a monster in today's world and has created a huge drain on the basic reason for higher education in the first place, to educate young people to live better lives for the rest of their lives. Sports is a great entertainment, but does it get you the interview with a great job, or assure that you, as an educated person, will be able to cope with the daily advances in needed knowledge and wisdom that is required to survive in an ever more hostile and challanging job market? Give it some thought next time you jump up and scream and holler (as I do) at that great run, touchdown or winning basket.

Tom McCune 8 years ago

What a total load of hypocrisy. Our corrupt and dysfunctional college athletic corporation can bankrupt your corrupt and dysfunctional college athletic corporation.

jayhawks71 8 years ago

hometown, go back and read my post. You spend half of your post arguing an irrelevant point (regarding my post). Your post concludes with the very point I was raising. To the others, I was making a comparison of what a football coach is making to something related to the business of a university. I was not claiming that if Mangino didn't get this money that the university would then have more money to pay professors...I realize that Mangino's salary doesn't come from the same pool as faculty. The fact that college football coaches can command this sort of salary speaks to how pathetic our society has become. The "fall of Rome" is near... let's keep pumping our resources into the "gladiators" playing on Saturdays.Oh, and as for the comment about "professors are here for research" ummm, have you heard of grant money? That research brings in huge chunks of money that pay for those professors and pay for research assistantships, not to mention the tuition dollars gained by the university. If I am purportedly failing to realize how an athletic department works (which was completely irrelevant to my comparison) some people here fail to understand how a university works.

penguin 8 years ago

jayhawks71 says..."KU could hire 33 professors at an average salary of $70,000 per year to educate thousands of KU students"From your original post and the another from grccs about hiring "40 more humanities professors" it appeared that this money would be spent on teaching faculty. Yes, faculty members bring in research dollars. The problem is that usually teaching and research end up being mutually exclusive over time. My point was simply that the education of students would not necessarily increase with the addition of more faculty. I wish it were not true, but it seems to be the nature of the beast at research institutions.

ski_bum 8 years ago

Good investment....he won't last long at KU....or Earth

Confrontation 8 years ago

onrywmn (Anonymous) says: "Is that why Coach Mangino's house is for sale? Is he getting a bigger one with his new deal?"No. He's moving because you know where he lives.

Rickyonealku 8 years ago

Oh and yes great to see T.A.I.L.G.A.T.E.I.N.G is alive along with being on TV (3) now could be a lot more of KU goes 4-0 during the month of September....

BBFantastic 8 years ago

Ok, Great!! Now, lets give our teachers a nice fat raise, too!!

Quigly 8 years ago

He is going to have a heart attack and everyone will be screwed. What a fat disgusting joke.

Boston_Corbett 8 years ago

So, we have about $ 3.5 million/a year between the two in the photo?It's all about the kids, you know.

penguin 8 years ago

KUAC raises their own money and see no increases from increasing tuition. They do receive a student fee for Women and Non-Revenue sports, which was approved by students on referendum. It is sad that tuition is going up, but there is no causal relationship between increasing the Coach's salary and tuition going up.Also if you look down this list of the highest paid coaches it will become evident that KU is probably the least expensive tuition -wise in the top 25. coaches, like every other profession, cost money. If people want to give to athletics than that is their right. Many of these same people also donate to academics, but would not be likely to donate double to academics in the absence of athletics. Also at least when you donate to athletics they improve facilities, pay coaches, and improve their programs. Can KU Endowment say the same?

Jay_Z 8 years ago

It is entertaining to read the comments on here bashing KU and sports in general, and these comments are from idiots who know nothing about sports.

George_Braziller 8 years ago

The point is what purpose does a sports program serve in an academic setting? It has nothing to do with "idiots who know nothing about sports." I went to KU to get an education which is what I thought higher learning was all about. I guess I just must be stupid because I never painted my chest red and blue and acted like a drunken jackass as I frothed at the mouth about an inflated chunk of leather being thrown around.------------------------------------------------------------------Jay_Z (Anonymous) says: It is entertaining to read the comments on here bashing KU and sports in general, and these comments are from idiots who know nothing about sports.

jaywalker 8 years ago

George says: "I guess I just must be stupid because I never painted my chest red and blue and acted like a drunken jackass as I frothed at the mouth about an inflated chunk of leather being thrown around."Your 'guess' is correct. But it has nothing to do with your 'because'.

TopJayhawk 8 years ago

Yes the intelligencia elit are out in force once again, and once again are not using their collective high-dollar heads. The money as stated above comes from the corperation. No tax dollars. Second, if he and Self weren't there having the success they are having, all that money would just be non-existant. It would not hire anymore liberal eggheads. Or lower any tuition since it just would not exist. KU haters..

TopJayhawk 8 years ago

I think you are all rude disparaging the Man's weight. Not to meniton you are total hypocrits. And most of you on that side of the fence, are the ones who usually want to lecture conservatives on being nicer. You guys are totall A$$****les. But then we already knew that.

jaywalker 8 years ago

" College sports has become a monster in today's world and has created a huge drain on the basic reason for higher education in the first place, to educate young people to live better lives for the rest of their lives. "How exactly has it become a 'drain'? How are you effected in any way whatsoever, or any student for that matter? Has KU been cutting departments, courses, any level of education due to athletics? Professors losing their jobs? Wow, what is wrong with you people? If you don't like sports, so be it. Mangino's salary does not have any influence on your life whatsoever, so why the grief?

Linda Aikins 8 years ago

Thank you TopJayhawk. it is painfully rude....

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