‘Falling into the World’ praised for featuring relatable protagonist

“Falling into the World” by Karen Brichoux is a fictional novel about a young woman named Augustina who goes to live with her dad after her mom dies. Her dad lives in a little town near St. Louis called Stoic.

When her sister, Saphi, comes back, Augustina begins to question all the decisions she made on how to live her life.

I really enjoyed the book. One thing that I liked is that I could relate to Augustina about trying to make the right choices. Another thing I thought was great is that she quotes lots of books and people throughout the book and applies the quotes to the situation she is in.

One thing that I did not care for was that there are a lot of flashbacks, making it difficult to keep track of when the actual story takes place. I also thought that the last few chapters were drawn out and unnecessary.

But overall, it is an extremely well-written book. I recommend this book to people who enjoy young adult romance novels.