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July 13, 2008



1. "Fearless Fourteen," by Janet Evanovich (St. Martin's, $27.95). Stephanie Plum and her boyfriend Joe Morelli become involved when his cousin's bank robbery goes bad.

2. "Sail," by James Patterson and Howard Roughan (Little, Brown, $27.99). A sailing vacation turns into a disaster when someone attempts to destroy a family.

3. "Tailspin," by Catherine Coulter (Putnam, $25.95). Husband and wife FBI agents come to the aid of a colleague protecting a Washington psychiatrist.

4. "Rogue," by Danielle Steel (Delacorte, $27). A divorced doctor on the verge of marriage to a kind new man faces a quandary when her exasperating ex-husband wants her to work with him on a humanitarian project.


1. "When You Are Engulfed in Flames," by David Sedaris (Little, Brown, $25.99). The humorist's latest essays deal with middle age, mortality and giving up smoking.

2. "Fleeced," by Dick Morris and Eileen McGann (Harper, $26.95). Americans are fleeced by government, business, labor unions and lobbyists.

3. "What Happened," by Scott McClellan (PublicAffairs, $27.95). A former White House press secretary in the current Bush administration regrets he was "deceived" by top officials. 4. "Are You There, Vodka? It's Me, Chelsea," by Chelsea Handler (Simon Spotlight Entertainment, $24.95). Humorous personal essays from the stand-up comedian.


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