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Police identify 29-year-old killed on North Lawrence train tracks Saturday

July 7, 2008


Lawrence police have identified the 29-year-old Lawrence man killed on the Union Pacific train tracks in North Lawrence on Saturday as Edward R. McGowan.

McGowan was struck by an eastbound train on the tracks at North Seventh and Maple streets. Police were notified of the incident about 12:11 p.m. Saturday. No foul play is suspected.

"No further information will be available," Sgt. William Cory said in a news release issued Monday.


ksdivakat 7 years ago

God bless the family and know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

fu7il3 7 years ago

Does it really matter? A guy is dead and no foul play is suspected. The only people this really affects is his family and friends.

leslie_kay 7 years ago

Just like to know if he was an acquaintance, I barely know anyone's last name in this town.

Seattleite 7 years ago

Edward had just moved from Seattle, he is not any of the ones you know.He was a good person and will be missed, leave it at that.

OnlyTheOne 7 years ago

"No further information will be available,"Now that is an unusual comment!

imaLttlGrl 7 years ago

When searching Google, the only other thing besides the articles relating about this is an Edward R. McGowan from New Orleans who is an attorney. But no one from Lawrence or from Kansas.I wonder what they are keeping from us?

trinity 7 years ago

"Does it really matter? A guy is dead and no foul play is suspected. The only people this really affects is his family and friends."to the contrary-it very much affects train crews, railroaders etc whenever a tragedy happens on the tracks.bless this young man&may he rest peacefully. also the train crew, emergency workers, etc....

leslie_kay 7 years ago

I agree, very discreet...Does anyone know if we can see his picture online somewhere?

esl03 7 years ago

They are very discret about this situation

TopJayhawk 7 years ago

Obvious suicide. Let it and his family rest.

riverdrifter 7 years ago

"The only people this really affects is his family and friends."Not so. The crew of the train is affected. It happens in slow motion, seems like. Big-hole the trainline, bell and whistle and look away. They'll probably lay that crew off for a few days for a healing process.

myarr 7 years ago

He probably passed out, and got run over. End of story. It happens.

smilealot 7 years ago

It also affects us...the ones who were there when it happend! It was a horrific site and wish I knew what could have been so bad in his life, that he had to end it in such a dramatic way. I felt his spirit lift out of his body and blessed him. His face will forever be embedded in my brain. May he rest in peace and I pray for healing for his family.

Easy_Draw 7 years ago

There is a couple with this exact last name that live out in the country in Jefferson County by Oskaloosa, does anybody know if the person who died was really tall?

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