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Reported Iran threats could have been hoax

January 15, 2008


— A threatening radio message at the end of a video showing Iranian patrol boats swarming near U.S. warships in the Persian Gulf may have come from a prankster rather than from the Iranian vessels, the Navy Times newspaper has reported.

A video and audio of the Jan. 6 incident in the Strait of Hormuz featured a man in accented English saying "I am coming to you. ... You will explode after ... minutes."

Cmdr. Lydia Robertson, spokeswoman for the Fifth Fleet in Bahrain, said the Navy was still trying to determine the source of the transmission but believed it was related to the Iranian actions.

However, the Navy Times, a weekly newspaper published by the Gannett company in Cairo, quoted several veteran sailors as speculating the transmission could have come from a radio heckler, widely known among mariners by the ethnically insulting term "the Filipino Monkey."


lounger 10 years, 3 months ago

This is no suprise at all. Hoax is a big word in the white house and it has been use ALOT in G.W.'s 7 years.

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