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Jayhawks split on final ranking: No. 7

January 9, 2008


Collins, Talib speak

Aqib Talib and Anthony Collins talked on Tuesday about foregoing their senior seasons to enter the NFL draft. Enlarge video

On the street

What do you think the Kansas University football team’s final ranking should be?

Number one! They should be co-champs with LSU.

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Kansas University's football team showed up at No. 7 in both of the final Top 25 polls released Tuesday - behind six two-loss teams.

The reaction? From All-America cornerback Aqib Talib, nothing more than a shrug.

"You know how we are," Talib said. "We couldn't care less."

Kansas (12-1) moved up just one spot after beating Virginia Tech in the Orange Bowl. LSU, Georgia, USC, Ohio State, Missouri and West Virginia finished ahead of KU.

Considering KU was 6-6 a year ago, Talib thinks finishing No. 7 is quite a step up.

"We'll take it," Talib said. "That's wonderful."

All-America offensive tackle Anthony Collins didn't quite agree with Talib, although his demands might be a little over the top.

"We need to be No. 1," Collins said. "We had a good year, we had great coaches. We had a great class. We need to be No. 1."

That wasn't likely. In the Associated Press Top 25, only one of the 65 voters picked Kansas atop the poll - Israel Gutierrez of the Miami Herald.

Of the other 64 voters, LSU was atop the ballots of 60 of them, after the Tigers won the BCS National Championship on Monday.

Three first-place votes went to Georgia, and one went to USC.

Four Big 12 teams finished in the top 10 - MU, KU, Oklahoma (No. 8) and Texas (No. 10).

The No. 7 ranking was all good with Talib. But it was evidence of a big conspiracy to Collins.

"They're trying to get us," Collins quipped. "But we'll take it. Whatever."


more_cowbell 10 years ago

7, huh? That's about right. Top-level college football has the best regular season, but the worst postseason (where poll rankings, "travelability", and stuffing corporate gift bags down your pants are the rule).

If there were a playoff, there would be less griping all around. But the powers that be (the bowls, and the television media that presents them and increasingly pays for them) will take the griping if it means they get to keep their control over the whole process.

A little note: It's still the non-conference schedule holding the Jayhawks back. Mangino should know this, as he was Snyder's assistant at K-State back in the 90s when the Wildcats' non-conference schedule was similarly laughable. Southeastern Louisiana?

At least schedule weak teams from "BCS" conferences (Missouri scheduled Illinois--which turned out not to be so weak by the end of the season--and Mississippi). Then the pollsters will show the Jayhawks some love.

Or start sending emails and phoning Hemenway (and Perkins too) and tell him you want a playoff, not the poll & bowl pony show.

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