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Organize holiday decor

January 7, 2008


As you begin to dismantle the tree and take down other holiday decorations, get organized for next year. Review the ornaments you did not hang this year, the stuffed Santas and extra stockings you did not display. Donate them or throw them out. If you didn't need them this year, chances are you won't need them next.

Ornaments require the most care. You can buy boxes with dividers for ornaments or use boxes with cardboard bottle dividers from a local liquor store. In either case, wrap especially fragile or meaningful ornaments in tissue paper for safekeeping. Wrap garland or strings of tree lights around empty wrapping paper tubes or rectangular sheets of cardboard.

Another tip: Make some notes about what you did this year, including gift lists, menus for special dinners and parties, addresses, etc. so you can review them next year.


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