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Man dug holes on bike trail to get revenge

January 6, 2008


— Police said they arrested a man who acknowledged digging holes on a park bike trail as payback for nearly being run down by a cyclist.

Warren John Wilson, 52, faces a single felony count of vandalism, police Sgt. Linda King said Friday.

King said nearly 50 holes measuring about 1 foot by 2 feet have been found since June along a trail at Laguna Lake Park, and in some cases attempts had been made to hide them from cyclists. She said some riders went over their handlebars after hitting the holes, but none reported major injuries.

Detectives watching the trails questioned Wilson, who said he had nearly been run over by a mountain bike rider and began digging the holes in retaliation, King said.

Police said Wilson had been released from custody. A phone listing for him could not be found.


Wilbur_Nether 10 years ago

Sympathy, perhaps, for his frustration. I have, however, no sympathy at all for his response.

just_another_bozo_on_this_bus 10 years ago

There are a lot of drivers on Lawrence's streets who engage in similar behavior.

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

bozo you do not need to dig holes in the streets here the city just leaves the pot holes until they are craters and there you go.

Richard Heckler 10 years ago

Details are missing. Perhaps the man walking was somewhat part of the problem?

Cyclists and roads are one. Cyclists have as much right to roads as any other moving vehicle. Perhaps what is lacking is respect for others rights to the road and patience.

What right do motorized drivers have for scaring the hell out of cyclists? What right do cyclists claim for scaring hell out of pedestrians or trail walkers? We all know both sets of violators are not representative of the whole.

But digging holes in the trail could also have been responsible for breaking legs of joggers,walkers and cyclists.

denak 10 years ago

I'm with madmike on this one. I think this is hilarious! Wrong-but funny nonetheless.

toefungus 10 years ago

50! holes 1x2 feet. Sounds like a miner. Nope, no gold here, but maybe over there...

hawklet21 10 years ago

50 holes? How long did that take!?! This guy must have been reeeeeeeeeally peeved.

BigPrune 10 years ago

Sometimes bicyclists need to "share the road."

imastinker 10 years ago

It would be nice if bicyclists would obey some of the traffic laws, especially the important ones like stop signs.

coolmom 10 years ago

50 holes? sounds like he needs some mental health appointments.

Chris Golledge 10 years ago

I can't believe all you that think this is funny or have sympathy for the man. Let's see, someone is reckless with this man; so, he is in some way reasonable or justified in intentionally trying to cause harm to scores of other people?

Jeez, suppose someone nearly runs over a cyclist and in retaliation the cyclist throws buckets of nails into the street.

Would that be funny?

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