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Danish goods banned in reaction to cartoon

February 27, 2008


— Sudan has enacted a ban on Danish imports in reaction to the reprinting of a cartoon that satirizes Islam's Prophet Muhammad, the Sudanese state-run news agency said Tuesday.

Seventeen Danish newspapers reprinted the cartoon - showing Prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb-shaped turban - in a gesture of free speech on Feb. 13, a day after three men were arrested in an alleged plot to kill the drawing's creator.

The reprinting prompted protests in Muslim countries and among Muslims in Denmark, though so far the reaction has been low-key in comparison to the 2006 riots that followed its original publication.

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir said over the weekend that Sudan would ban Danish imports, snub the country's officials and expel its organizations from Sudan.


Ragingbear 10 years, 1 month ago

Ha! I am Jesus and I crap all over you!

There, justice is now served. You may now continue whatever it is that you were doing.

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