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Wayward satellite could be shot down today

February 20, 2008


— An attempt to blast a crippled U.S. spy satellite out of the sky using a Navy heat-seeking missile - possibly tonight - would be the first real-world use of this piece of the Pentagon's missile defense network. But that is not the mission for which it was intended.

The attempted shootdown, already approved by President Bush, is seen by some as blurring the lines between defending against a weapon like a long-range missile and targeting satellites in orbit.

The three-stage Navy missile, designated the SM-3, has chalked up a high rate of success in a series of tests since 2002 - in each case targeting a short- or medium-range ballistic missile, never a satellite. A hurry-up program to adapt the missile for this anti-satellite mission was completed in a matter of weeks; Navy officials say the changes will be reversed once this satellite is down.

The government issued notices to aviators and mariners to remain clear of a section of the Pacific beginning at 9:30 p.m. CST today, indicating the first window of opportunity to launch an SM-3 missile from a Navy cruiser, the USS Lake Erie, in an effort to hit the wayward satellite.


Drew_Carey 9 years, 11 months ago

They took it down unceremoniously with 1 shot at 9:30pm. I felt the "poof". 100 pts for our troops doing the firing.

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