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Sandcastles needs promoter, fundraiser

February 18, 2008


Agency: Sandcastles

Contact: 840-0044

Sandcastles, an organization that assists children who experience life-altering illnesses, needs assistance with fundraising and promotion. Meetings are at 7 p.m. every third Thursday of the month at Cornerstone Southern Baptist Church, 802 W. 22nd Terrace.

For more information, contact Tina or Ken at 840-0044.

Immediate volunteer needs

¢ A volunteer is needed to assist a blind woman with her guide dog. The dog needs to be taken outside for a walk every morning and evening.

For more information, contact Ashley Schemm at 842-0543.

¢ Vermont Towers, a housing facility at 11th and Vermont streets, needs volunteers to plan and coordinate activities and games for seniors.

To volunteer, please contact Ashley Crowl at 865-5030.

¢ The Girl Scouts needs volunteers to help at the Girl Scout Cookie Delivery Site on March 4. Volunteers can help sort and count cases of cookies and/or help leaders and parents load the cases into vehicles.

Contact Jeannie McClure at or 842-8968.

¢ Centro Hispano seeks child care assistance for their women's group, which meets from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. every other Tuesday. Snacks and activities are provided.

Volunteers should contact Lydia Leon at 843-2039 or

- For more volunteer opportunities, contact Tracie Massey or Rachael Perry at the Roger Hill Volunteer Center, a service of the United Way of Douglas County, at 865-5030 or Opportunities also are online at


smitty 6 years, 2 months ago

This bears repeating:

Attention Vermont Towers volunteers.....

VT hired a social worker to do what the notice is asking volunteers for only to have an increase in hostility at VT. The residence council president, male, has been sexually harassing female tenants for about a year only to be supported by the resident manager. This same man has made mocking statements against the a fellow tenant by doing the porky pig imitation when the handicapped tenant stuttered(no action taken to correct his behavior). This same man, resident council president, has made derogatory comments about a woman who is very large in size by trying to refuse her access to community meal event in the common area. He has been reported to management for sexually harassing female tenants with graphic comments and gestures about masturbation, sexual come ons, etc., only to have management ignore the sexual harassment complaints until an outside agency intervened.

The women harassed are afraid of going public with this problem due to a fear of eviction due to the close relationship and breaches of confidentiality when complaints are taken to management. Others, over the past few years deemed a problem by management but not breaking the tenant regulations have been harassed until they left, some just to get away from the extremely negative management, incitement by and breaches in management and council involvement(the two are deemed by HUD to be totally separate in powers and actions), some due to direct harassment by management.

There are problems at VT that a volunteer cannot solve until the management and staff correct the hostile environment that they have created.

Go ahead and volunteer but be aware of the hidden agenda that you are being asked to resolve. Good luck. The tenants deserve better.


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