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President vows to keep fighting for Kosovo

February 16, 2008


— Serbia's newly re-elected president Boris Tadic pledged at his inauguration Friday that he would never stop fighting against independence for Kosovo.

Kosovo's Albanian leadership is planning to unilaterally declare independence within days. But Serbia has vowed never to accept statehood for the breakaway province.

"I will never give up the fight for our Kosovo," Tadic said as he was formally sworn in for a new five-year term.

Although Kosovo is technically part of Serbia, the impoverished province of two million people has been administered by the United Nations since a brief war in 1999.

After a series of negotiations on the final status of the province failed to produce a compromise, ethnic Albanians - who make up 90 percent of the Kosovo's population - are planning to unilaterally proclaim independence in the next several days.


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