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Falling moose nearly takes out trooper

February 13, 2008


— Motorists in Alaska have seen the highway signs that warn of falling rocks, and they've seen the ones that warn of moose crossing.

Now Howard Peterson of the Alaska State Troopers wonders if they need a new sign:

Watch for falling moose.

A swing-shift trooper based in Girdwood, Peterson was cruising the Seward Highway the night of Feb. 2 a couple miles north of McHugh Creek when something big and black fell from the sky, landing about 20 feet from his car.

An adult moose, wandering rocky terrain more suitable to the Dall sheep that populate it, plunged to its death from the tall cliffs that hug a highway famous for its scenery and wildlife.


coolmom 10 years, 2 months ago

he jumped...moose depression is high this time of year.

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