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Storm forces cancellations

February 6, 2008, 4:39 a.m. Updated February 6, 2008, 12:58 p.m.


The snow caused several local and area schools to cancel classes today, including Lawrence public schools, Kansas University and Haskell Indian Nations University.

Kansas University freshman Kent Szlauderbach, 19, bundled up this morning for a walk to the campus library to study. KU canceled classes today - the first time since February 2004.

Kansas University freshman Kent Szlauderbach, 19, bundled up this morning for a walk to the campus library to study. KU canceled classes today - the first time since February 2004.

The following universities have canceled classes today:

¢ The KU campus is closed today. Emergency staffing only.

¢ Haskell Indian Nations University closed today.

The following school districts have canceled classes today because of winter weather:

¢ USD 497 Lawrence

¢ USD 348 Baldwin

¢ USD 458 Basehor-Linwood

¢ USD 491 Eudora

¢ USD 342 McLouth

¢ USD 341 Oskaloosa

¢ USD 343 Perry-Lecompton

¢ USD 434 Santa Fe Trail

¢ USD 464 Tonganoxie

Other closings today:

¢ Baker University School of Nursing campus in Topeka closed today.

¢ Ballard Community Center closed today.

¢ Bishop Seabury Academy closed today.

¢ Blue Lias, a performance scheduled tonight at Spooner Hall, is canceled.

¢ Brookcreek Learning Center closed today.

¢ Corpus Christi Catholic School closed today.

¢ Douglas County Science Fair registration is delayed until 10 a.m.

¢ Douglas County Senior Services has canceled all services today.

¢ Eudora United Methodist Church's Ash Wednesday services have been canceled today.

¢ First Baptist Church, 1330 Kasold, has canceled all afternoon and evening activities today.

¢ First Christian Church: Ash Wednesday services, Youth Group and AWANA canceled.

¢ First United Methodist Church Kids First Preschool and Discover Day canceled today.

¢ First Southern Baptist Church has canceled all activities tonight.

¢ Green Pastures Preschool closed today.

¢ Head Start closed today.

¢ Hilltop Child Development Center closed today.

¢ Independence Incorporated is closed and has canceled all transportation.

¢ Immanuel Lutheran Church (15th & Kasold) canceled its 7 a.m. worship service today.

¢ Lawrence Apple Users Group meeting for tonight has been canceled.

¢ Lawrence Arts Center Preschool closed today, and all classes are canceled.

¢ Lawrence Diploma Completion Program closed today.

¢ Lawrence Gymnastics Parent's Morning Out Meeting is canceled today.

¢ Lawrence Meals on Wheels canceled today.

¢ Lawrence Parks and Recreation Department has canceled morning recreational and nature center activities and classes. Toddler Open Gym, held at theCommunity Building, has also been canceled but aquatic programs are being held as scheduled at the Indoor Aquatic Center. Dates and times of make-up classes for the recreational activities will be determined and provided to participants. All Recreation facilities opened as scheduled and are available for public use. A determination on evening classes and programs being held will be made by 3 p.m. today.

¢ McLouth Municipal Court session tonight is canceled.

¢ Pinnacle Career Institute canceled morning classes only.

¢ Prairie Moon School canceled today.

¢ Princeton Children's Center closed today.

¢ Raintree Montessori closed today.

¢ Stepping Stones closed today.

¢ Sunshine Acres Montessori School will be closed today.

¢ Sylvan Learning Center evening classes will not be held today.

¢ Tonganoxie Public Library will be closed today.

¢ Trinity Lutheran Church's morning Ash Wednesday service is canceled.

¢ Veritas Christian School will be closed today.

¢ Weight Watchers 10 a.m. and noon meetings canceled today at the Lawrence Center.

¢ Wednesdays at Liberty Hall is canceled today.


busymom 10 years ago

Am in shock that KU actually cancelled but no complaints here.

snipercharlie 10 years ago

Classes at KU are cancelled according to their inclement weather line at 785-864-7669

blahblah 10 years ago

too bad I already shoveled the snow off of half the driveway...I called the line at 6:10 and they said classes were in session. Oh well... back to bed.

Happy Snow Day all!!!

KsTwister 10 years ago

If you've seen the streets you'll be happy to stay home. Take Caution, you have to jump the mounds with your car.

Ceallach 10 years ago

blahblah, same thing for me, I called around that time, message said classes were in session, and now I'm wide awake.

Fellow KU staff and/or students, enjoy your Snow Day. SnowDay, SnowDay, Snowday!!

StirrrThePot 10 years ago

St. John School is also closed as reported by the KLWN website. They follow USD 497.

kuwiley 10 years ago

Anyone know abut Childrens Learning Center...CLC?

jcm800 10 years ago

Anyone know about KU Med center classes?

gwjayhawk 10 years ago

Hooray for a KU snow day!
This will be helpful to those students who did a bit too much Mardi Gras partying last night...

hawklet21 10 years ago

Yeah good for those Mardi Gras party-goers...Too bad I did all my homework last night instead!

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

Dang it is ash wedensday oh well maybe nest year.

busymom 10 years ago

I heard side roads are treacherous but main roads are okay for the most part. Dunno, I'm not going out in it until this evening if at all.

LittleMissFlea 10 years ago

Tennessee, Kentucky, and Mass at 14th hadn't been treated or had minimal treat at best at 7.39.

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

well my sister said it was bad trying to get her kids over here even slid thru a stop sign, my neighbor down the street said he had a hard time getting home also this morning and I know my road does not even have sand on it yet so I am guessing most of the side roads are just as bad. I would say just stay in if you do not have to go out drink hot choc. and just enjoy a day off if you are lucky enough not to have to go to work.

Dorothy Hoyt-Reed 10 years ago

My husband works at the Fort. It took them 2 hours to get there. Stay home if you can.

fourkitties 10 years ago

LoL I had a test today and wasn't quit ready because of the flu last week and they canceled classes at JCCC... Thank goodness! I have one more day to study!

Jeremy Gates 10 years ago

Any update on the road conditions in town?

hawklet21 10 years ago

I went out to Hy-Vee on 6th earlier, and had no problems at all. If you're careful, it's not bad. I even snuck back through on Crestline and 9th to the Merc, and didn't have too much trouble. Watch out for giant snow/ice bumps though!!

more_cowbell 10 years ago

Agree with hawklet, major streets like 6th are OK; it's the secondary ones you have to worry about... and of course, drive carefully. Leave extra room for stopping!

Apparently the city is running out of road salt, the website says... so prepare for sand on those snow/ice bumps. :-/

Good call, mommaeffortx2, cocoa or coffee if you don't have to go anywhere... and of course KU students, go grab those cafeteria trays ;-)

Ragingbear 10 years ago

I'm surprised they didn't close the hospital.

storm 10 years ago

What a wonderful way to start off the first day of the new year! I'm gonna eat Spring Rolls.

Christine Pennewell Davis 10 years ago

oh storm that sounds like fun and it made me laugh, spring rolls, good one.

wildcat86 10 years ago

Yeah, enjoy your snow day up at KU and all over Kansas...

K-State is the only school in Kansas that is still having class (at least that's what I heard) and Manhattan got just as much snow as Lawrence did.

tert 10 years ago

ooof. glad on on the beach in chile drinking pisco sours!

aha 10 years ago

============= wildcat86 (Anonymous) says:

Yeah, enjoy your snow day up at KU and all over Kansas:

K-State is the only school in Kansas that is still having class (at least that's what I heard) and Manhattan got just as much snow as Lawrence did.

No, K-State only closes when they beat KU in basketball.

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