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Dress to the two-thousand-nines

December 29, 2008


Superstitious Spaniards believe that wearing red underwear on New Year’s Eve brings good luck; however, if you are in Ecuador, you may opt for yellow panties and travel bags instead — bright, positive energies will lead to the journey of your dreams.

Unmentionables aside, an eye-catching outfit or showy evening dress can make you feel like a million bucks.

Ring in this New Year fabulously, decadently dressed to impress.

Classically chic:

Party dress, cocktail dress, little black dress…

Appropriate attire depends upon your own, individual New Year’s Eve plans. Although a fun, new dress is always exciting, it is never required. Delve into the depths of your closet and revamp your favorite, go-to get-up.

Add funky tights, layer cardigans and pick out accessories. Wearing a colorful belt, tall boots and lots of bling can transform an old dress you thought you were tired of into… you know — “Oh, something I had, laying around.”

Still, do be selective; do be seasonal. Just because it is New Year’s doesn’t mean it is warm. You will look just as silly wearing a super-short dress without the essential cover-ups as you would any other cold winter night!

Sequence, sparkles and embellishments:

Oftentimes, the sequins and sparkles that adorn cocktail dresses look gaudy. But for those who secretly love hot-glue guns and Hobby Lobby, now is your chance! Daringly (but responsibly) embrace over-the-top New Year’s Eve attire. It is the one night universally recognized as the night for glam in excess.

Freaked out by glitter? Afraid all that shimmer will blind your cohorts? Pare down a flashy outfit; pair ostentatious tops with more subtle, basic colors like black or navy. Choose just one or two over-the-top bracelets or necklaces instead of an entire ensemble. Or wear a bold overcoat for a striking entrance that won’t make you commit to such courageous dress for the evening’s entirety. A little shine, along with a little confidence, goes a long way.

Start the New Year Fashion forward:

If you are excited to try all of 2009’s new trends, don’t wait! Put together a New Year’s ensemble with the latest fashions in mind:

• Gold, silver, and metallic accessories that flatter all skin tones.

• Fur and feathers for a feeling of couture.

• Silhouettes that emphasize femininity and flatter — a tulip skirt or peplum-waist top.

• Purple accents in scarves, shoes, purses and whatnots to feel absolutely regal.

• New trouser shapes, like harem pants, super wide-leg jeans, or one-piece jumpers for the adventurous.

• Revamped ’80s garb, 2009-style: defined shoulders, neon colors, high waist-lines … pure power dressing.

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