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Season of peace

Not every Christmas is perfect, but there’s always reason for hope.

December 25, 2008


Joy. Hope. Peace.

They are words we hear a lot this time of year. Everyone’s wish is that they and the ones they love will feel the warmth of those three words: joy, hope and peace during the Christmas season.

Unfortunately, we know that isn’t always the case.

Christmas should be a joyous time, full of fun and love and relatively free of worry. Although we hope everyone can find at least a little cause for joy this Christmas, we realize that many people are troubled by the loss of a loved one, the loss of a job, a financial setback, maybe a family member serving in the military abroad or other personal concerns.

For those having a less-than-joyful holiday this year, we offer the next emotion on our Christmas list: hope. Everyone goes through difficult times. Everyone experiences grief and loss; not every day or every Christmas is filled with joy; but there always is reason for hope. Many troubles are temporary, and we can learn to cope even with the hurts and losses that stay with us for a lifetime.

A little joy and a lot of hope go a long way toward bringing us all some peace. Things could be better, but they’re not that bad. We could be happier, but we’re OK. It’s time to take a deep breath and be grateful for the joy you feel today and the hope you have for tomorrow.

There is considerable turmoil in our state, our nation and our world this Christmas. Financial worries reach from individual pocketbooks to national treasuries around the world. Evil lurks in the form of those determined to exert their power or authority over others.

Nonetheless, the joy of the season survives for many of us. Those who can’t feel that joy right now can hold on to the hope of better times ahead. And, at this blessed time of year, we wish everyone — family, friends, leaders and nations — the comfort and silence of peace.

Merry Christmas.


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