Install a door sweep: No venting necessary

Installation of a door sweep can help eliminate drafts beneath doors. Drill holes are marked for reference when installing a door sweep.

Evident from its name, a door sweep attaches to the bottom edge of your exterior door and literally sweeps along the floor as you open and shut the door. Door sweeps come in a variety of colors and thicknesses. Select one that has thicker vinyl at the bottom and best matches the interior color of your door.

Step 1: Measure the width of your door and use a hacksaw to cut your new door sweep to size. You may want to cut a little off each end in order to keep the screw holes evenly spaced at the base of your door.

Step 2: Close the door and position the sweep at the bottom of the interior side. The vinyl should be touching the floor all along the edge. Use a pen to mark the holes and begin by screwing in the center screw.

Step 3: Pre-drilling the holes will make the process easier, but if you do not have a drill you can use a hammer to get the screws started into the wood. Set all the screws in place and then tighten them down.

Step 4: Open and shut the door to test your placement and make adjustments as necessary. Do not worry if the door sweep appears uneven on your door. If the vinyl is slightly flexed against the threshold all along the base of the door and the door swings freely open and shut your project is a success.

Though you may see light at the end of the tunnel, you shouldn’t see it from beneath your door anymore.