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Oklahoma-Florida likely scenario for title

December 7, 2008


One loss each. No questions asked.

Florida and Oklahoma each won conference title games Saturday virtually to assure themselves a showdown for the national championship on Jan. 8 — a matchup hardly anyone outside of Texas can argue with.

“After what happened tonight, I would go so far as to say Texas doesn’t have much of an argument, either,” said Jerry Palm, the BCS analyst and blogger.

Led by Tim Tebow, No. 2 Florida defeated top-ranked Alabama, 31-20, to win the Southeastern Conference.

Later, Sam Bradford — a top Heisman contender just like Tebow — led No. 4 Oklahoma to a 62-21 victory over Missouri to take the Big 12. The Sooners became the first team to score 60-plus for five straight games in 89 years.

“I don’t see how we could not be No. 1 tomorrow,” Bradford said.

Barring some kind of computer meltdown when the final BCS rankings come out today, the Gators (12-1) will be ranked second, paired against the top-ranked Sooners (12-1) for the championship game in Miami.

Call it the Unstoppable Force vs. the Unstoppable Force: Oklahoma’s offense is ranked first in the nation in scoring and set the NCAA record for points in a season (702). The Sooners became the first to reach 60 in five straight games since Tulsa in 1919.

Florida’s offense averaged more than 49 points over the last nine games.

The point spread won’t come out until the game is officially set. But chances are that over-under number will be a big one.

Had Florida not had a late extra point blocked in a 31-30 loss to Mississippi in September, Tebow and the Gators might be a victory away from joining the debate as possibly one of the best teams ever. Their scoring defense is ranked fourth in the nation, one notch below their scoring offense.

Had the Sooners not had a bad day in a 45-35 loss to Texas in October, they might be part of the same argument.

Both teams got second chances, however, and both took advantage.


Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years, 5 months ago

This whole North-South system is crap.l The two best teams in the "Big 8 plus the billy-bob teams" are Oklahoma and Texas and they should have played for this championship. Missouri had lost to both and had no business whatsoever in any sort of championship game. The whole problem is money. This overloaded 12 team conference is dysfunctional due to the fact that there needs to be some concession to the fact that all 12 teams cannot play each other in a regular season and some sort of stupid "division" system was established. And this situation of Goliath and nobody playing for an imagined "championship" is horsecrap. Dump the billy-bobs and go back to the real conference, the Big 8. Of course that will never happen due to the greed for money, right Lew Perkins?????

Fred Whitehead Jr. 9 years, 5 months ago

And as a post script to the above, the mythical national "championship" game SHOULD be Oklahoma and Texas, The Longhorns are a cut above either Alabama or Florida. But again, money is the driving factor, and no useful or relevant solution to this debate will be had until college sports return to their true original purpose and the money barons like Lew Perkins and his ilk are purged from the system forever. Keep dreaming, dude!!

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