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Not everyone on the same page as far as new primary rules

December 5, 2008


The state’s new election law governing when city commissions and school boards must have primaries is creating confusion with election officials.

Leaders in Lawrence City Hall are interpreting the law to mean that it will take 10 or more candidates to trigger a primary election. But Keith Campbell, deputy of elections in the Douglas County Clerk’s office, said the way he reads the law, 11 or more candidates are required to trigger a primary election. More discussion between the city and county will occur before the election, he said.

Either way, if history holds true, Lawrence will still have a City Commission primary in many instances. Here’s a look at the number of candidates in each of the last 10 elections.

2007: 9

2005: 9

2003: 11

2001: 12

1999: 9

1997: 12

1995: 13

1993: 13

1991: 14

1989: 15


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