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Two-car accident sends three to area hospitals

Three women are recovering from injuries on Thursday after a crash between two sport utility vehicles.

December 4, 2008, 3:05 a.m. Updated December 4, 2008, 4:32 a.m.


Overnight crash sends three to hospital

Three women were injured when two SUVs collided early Thursday at the intersection of Iowa and 15th streets. Enlarge video

Two sport utility vehicles crashed into each other at the intersection of Iowa and 15th Streets early Thursday morning, ejecting one woman from the back of one of the vehicles and sending three to area hospitals.

Emergency crews responded to the accident shortly before 2 a.m. A Ford Explorer traveling south on Iowa Street collided with a Dodge Durango moving west on 15th Street. The impact blew out the back window of the Durango and buckled its front passenger-side wheel, while causing severe damage to both vehicles.

A 25-year-old woman, a passenger in the Explorer, was transported by air ambulance to Kansas University Hospital with serious head and leg injuries, said Capt. Tarik Khatib of the Lawrence Police Department. Another woman riding in the Explorer was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital with possible broken bones. A woman who was ejected from the back of the Durango was also taken to LMH. Police did not identify the women.

One of the women was transported from LMH to Kansas University Hospital at about 4:30 with head trauma.

Three women were traveling in the Explorer, while six were in the Durango, Khatib said. He said police are investigating how the accident occurred, including the possibility alcohol was involved.


geekin_topekan 6 years ago

When are these drunks gonna quite littering our streets?

TheStig 6 years ago

The carnage continues. Can't wait for the compassionate crash test dummies telling us all it was a mistake, an accident, how much fun they were, only hypocrites tell kids not to drink and drive, the DA are too busy, judges can't impose maximum sentences, under aged drinkers are an important part of Lawrence's economy, how insensitive and judgmental we all are, and confronting kids with their criminal behavior doesn't work. Have I missed any of the excuses?

Robert Rauktis 6 years ago

Ejected from car=no seat belt use, a sure way to change a "minor" accident to a "major" accident. Drinking and "no seat belt use" are Darwinian in the auto age.

TheStig 6 years ago

Just to show how compassionate I am, if this criminal act causes one kid to go to that "Big Kegger in the Sky" I shall hypocritically create my own non-judgmental memorial of empty bear cans at the 15th and Iowa entrance to KU in their honor.

TheStig 6 years ago

Correction:"Just to show how compassionate I am, if this criminal act causes one kid to go to that “Big Kegger in the Sky” I shall hypocritically create my own non-judgmental memorial of empty BEER cans at the 15th and Iowa entrance to KU in their honor."

Quigly 6 years ago

What the heck? What is gong on? I mean, Lawrence has always had bad drivers but this is downright ridiculous. What a joke this town is.

jafs 6 years ago

It does seem to be getting worse.And, when drunk drivers kill other folks who weren't involved in the decision to drive or ride under the influence, it's even worse.I wonder what would work to help prevent these tragedies - more enforcement/harsher penalties for DUI's?

LooPerkinsucks 6 years ago

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jafs 6 years ago

Are you seriously suggesting that we shouldn't be concerned about the very high rate of fatal car accidents in and around Lawrence these days?And the fact that alcohol seems to be involved in many of these cases?Do you really think we should just let young people make "mistakes" that cost them and others their lives?What kind of an idiotic position is that?

jafs 6 years ago

Oh - it looks like the comment I was responding to has been removed.

bizarre 6 years ago

perhaps its a sign!we need a curfew for everyone under 21!

kusp8 6 years ago

Bummer, sucks for them. But more importantly this sucks for the economy. Without these people buying alcohol that means there'll be less money for the liquor stores. What a bunch of selfish jerks.

bizarre 6 years ago

yep yepThe link to the story you were commenting on also disappears now in your profile.And the search box fails to pull up some of the more controversial stories.The search box also fails to pull up the some of the users now.

bizarre 6 years ago

YEs Chuckabee24, it would suck to have a business where your product is killing off all your best customers!

LooPerkinsucks 6 years ago

Well jafs, if it was my comment that you were wanting to respond to, go ahead and share your thoughts. I wish I had a cream puff job at LJ World, deleting comments. Atleast they finally got that horrible pic of that crack head off of the front page!

mekojo 6 years ago

Obviously These women Labeled As Alcoholic's Cannot Defend Themselves. While They Are In Their Hospital Beds With Family And Friends Praying For Them All You Guys Care About Is Your Stupid Streets!! If You Don't Like Living In A Double University Town, You Best Move Out Of Lawrence Now. FYI This Town Is Full Of Bars And Clubs Which Also Means Alcohol!!

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